Servers and Traffic: 2006 vs 2007

Home > Piracy > has experienced some massive growth over the past year. The number of visitors went up from less than a million per day to 3 million, and to keep everything running smoothly the server park nearly tripled from 7 to 19 servers. Servers and Traffic: 2006 vs 2007Mininova is without a doubt the most popular BitTorrent site in terms of traffic. According to Alexa they are among the 100 most visited sites on the Internet, more popular than, and for example.

In September Mininova received over 70.000.000 visitors that generated more than 300.000.000 pageviews, and they’re still growing. In October the number of daily visitors gets close to 3 million a day which means that they can get close to 100 million visitors this month.

And there are some changes if we compare 2006 and 2007

  • visitors per day: 980.000 vs 2.800.000
  • pageviews per day: 4.250.000 vs 13.750.000
  • searches per day: 500.000 vs 3.250.000
  • downloads per day: 110.000 vs 280.000
  • torrents in database: 150.000 vs 500.000
  • Many people might wonder what is needed to keep a site like this running, so did we, and we asked the Mininova team for an update. Last time we did a post about Mininova’s server setup they had 7 servers in total, but times have changed. As you can see in the picture below (click to enlarge), Mininova is now running on an impressive 19 servers.

    mininova 2006mininova 2007

    More info about the servers can be found over here; they really like Opteron. I’m really curious how many servers they will need a year from now. We’ll keep you updated.

    Niek, thanks for your amazing Visio skills.


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