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The BitTorrent popularity explosion is still underway, with some torrent sites now amongst the most visited sites, anywhere on the web. One of those, Mininova, now gets well over half a billion page views a month and is now 100% bigger than it was this time last year. And the site is still growing.

mininovaTo say that Mininova has grown quite a bit since it has started three years ago, is probably something of an understatement.

November last year saw Mininova breaking into Alexa’s list of the 50 most visited websites on the Internet, which is an amazing achievement in just 36 months . Close to 5 billion torrents have been downloaded already, and with the torrents, the numbers of visitors continues to grow.

Here is a comparison between Mininova’s traffic last month, and a year before that.

March 2007

57,605,816 visits
261,460,196 pageviews

March 2008

109,304,822 visits
530,181,594 pageviews

Mininova’s visitors literally come from all over the world, Google analytics even reports 63 visits from the Vatican and 12 from Antarctica. However, most of the visitors come from the United States, followed by the UK, France, Canada and Australia.

Other BitTorrent sites are seeing similar visitor boosts but in terms of traffic, Mininova is definitely leading the pack. TorrentFreak spoke with Niek, one of the founders of the site, and he sees opportunities to grow even further.

“We expect that Mininova will at least sustain its current number of visitors. As BitTorrent and P2P in general become more and more accepted by the general public, new users will find their way to Mininova and other torrent search engines,” says Niek. “What Google has done for the web, we try to accomplish for BitTorrent and P2P.”

As a result of the increased popularity, Mininova had to upgrade their hardware numerous times. Unfortunately the current setup still has some weak spots. Yesterday Mininova went down for over 12 hours due to hardware issues.

“The extensive downtime of the last few days was a result of very unfortunate accidents, namely a crashing hard disk and a failing network card of the load-balancer in combination with two successive holidays in The Netherlands. We will do our utmost to prevent such issues in the future,” Niek said.

We wish them all the best and will keep you informed when their traffic has doubled again.


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