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The top 10 most downloaded DVDrips on BitTorrent, "Day Watch" tops the chart this week.

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As of October 30, 2007…

Ranking (last week) Movie (rating)
1 (new) Day Watch (7.0)
2 (3) Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End (7.3)
3 (1) Ratatouille (8.4)
4 (new) The Bourne Ultimatum (8.4)
5 (new) Return To House On Haunted Hill (4.6)
6 (new) A Mighty Heart (6.7)
7 (5) License To Wed (5.1)
8 (2) Shrek The Third (6.4)
9 (6) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (7.6)
10 (8) I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (6.4)


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