MPAA: If Megaupload Gets Data Back They’ll Relaunch

The battle for both Megaupload and its former users to get their data back continues.

The data is currently stored on servers at Carpathia Hosting in the US at the not inconsiderable cost of $9,000 a day.

Megaupload’s legal team is working hard to reunite its users with their data and are negotiating with the Department of Justice to this end.

But after discovering that Carpathia had agreed to sell the servers back to Megaupload, the MPAA have other ideas on their ideal destiny.

“A sale or transfer of the servers to Megaupload (or any of the defendants) would raise a significant risk that Megaupload will simply ship the servers, hard drives or other equipment — and all of the infringing content they contain — to a foreign jurisdiction and relaunch the infringing Megaupload service, which would result in untold further infringements of the MPAA members’ copyrighted works,” the movie industry group said in a court filing yesterday.

“If so, the renewed criminal enterprise might be beyond any effective legal remedy.”

The MPAA adds that since the servers contain some of their copyright works, any sale or transfer would “constitute an unauthorized “distribut[ion] … to the public” under the Copyright Act.”

A resurrected Megaupload is clearly something the MPAA wants to avoid and it’s clear they will fight hard for the servers to be either wiped or left in neutral hands.

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