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Home > Piracy >, a site based on the famous code is live for almost 2 months now.

Just a couple of hours ago they added a search function to their site. The search function, which is a “must have” for every torrent site is still very basic.

However, as Mr_Nova states:

“Advanced search options will be available later, not today, not tomorrow, but soon.
Anyway, don’t forget to drop a comment if you like the search or not or what you would like to see improved in the search in our forum.”

According to Suprnova, Newnova is planning more improvements:

Mr_Nova: “Right now I am working on advanced functions for search and after that is complete, I will start working on the sorting the torrents. So you will be able to sort torrents by name, date, seeds, etc. It is definitely something that was missing.”

He’s right, but I seriously hope they keep the retro look..


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