Oh, Oh…BREIN Boss Says He Will Go After Anonymous

Earlier this week, anti-piracy group BREIN was subjected to a DDoS attack which took their website offline. BREIN boss Tim Kuik said he believed that supporters of the now defunct Usenet portal FTD were behind the attack.

Just hours later, Anonymous – the infamous loose-knit collective of Internet activists – announced they would revive Operation Payback, the series of actions that took down many anti-piracy related websites in the latter part of 2010.

One of their first targets was announced as BREIN and sure enough yesterday a DDoS attack took down the Dutch group’s website yet again. It’s not known if the attack earlier this week was Anonymous-linked, but there’s little doubt that the overwhelming traffic experienced by BREIN yesterday was.

News site NU.nl is now reporting that BREIN boss Tim Kuik has told them that information will be gathered on the attackers and they will be reported to the authorities.

In fairness, Kuik probably has little option but, as framed by Stephen Colbert this week, if he wants to stick a part of his male anatomy into the Anonymous ‘hornets nest’, that’s his business. Just as long as he knows it might sting a bit.


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