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The FrostWire P2P client promotes music of starting and independent artists through its FrostClick service. The service has been running for over a year and is a great success. To celebrate the first million downloads of 2009, a compilation album has been released, featuring free Creative Commons-licensed tracks from 21 artists.

frostwireFrostWire is a popular free and Open Source P2P client supporting both Gnutella and BitTorrent downloads. Last year, the client introduced its FrostClick service through which it promotes independent artists.

All featured artists get a 7 to 10 day feature on the welcome screen of the Frostwire client. The promotion includes a direct link to the album that users can download at their convenience. All albums are totally free and released under a Creative Commons license.

The service has been a great success thus far with between 35,000 and 100,000 downloads per album in just a week. It shows once again that BitTorrent can actually be a great tool for artists to promote their work, and build a larger fanbase.

To celebrate these great results, FrostWire has now released a compilation album featuring music from the 21 featured artists that achieved the first million downloads through the FrostClick project.

“In only 21 weeks we had our first 1,000,000 copies distributed, some artists reaching over 75 thousand downloads during their promotion, nowadays FrostWire artists can get over 100 thousand downloads during their runs on the FrostWire welcome screen,” the FrostClick team says.

Frostwire Promoting Sean Fournier


Unlike most digital music albums, the compilation includes a very complete and high resolution virtual booklet. “For each artist we’ve included 2 high resolution booklet pages with information about the artist, song, license, number of downloads, facts and where available we’ve even put the lyrics of the song to sing along.”

More info on the compilation album, the torrent and the featured artists can be found on the FrostClick website.

Disclaimer: Frostwire is one of TorrentFreak’s sponsors.


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