RapidShare Goes Down Locally

rapidshareOver the past few hours many users of the Swiss-based file-hosting service RapidShare have been unable to reach the site.

The problem appears to be affecting UK customers. RapidShare is currently looking into the issues, but as of yet are unable to find a problem at their end.

“We have thoroughly looked into the reported cases and cannot find a cause on our end,” RapidShare told TorrentFreak.

“Traffic on our servers is normal and the majority of our customers should be able to use our services without any interference,” the company adds.

RapidShare believes that the issues may be routing related.

“Most reported cases seem to be coming from customers in the UK (we are also aware of some cases in India, Spain and Greece), most of which are using British Telecom as their provider.”

“This leads us to believe that this could be a provider/routing related problem, but we are investigating other possibilities as well to be on the safe side and help our customers to solve this issue as quickly as possible.”


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