RIAA’s Online Settlement Receipt: Thanks for your Money

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P2Plawsuits.com now offers an easy 4-step process to hand over your money to the RIAA. This is the confirmation message that an anonymous blogger received after paying 3,456.23 to the RIAA.

“Thank you for your money, looking forward to future business together”

I bet, easy money! I wonder if they accept Paypal. The do need to work on their spelling though.

riaa settlement

The RIAA launched their online settlement website last week. It allows people to settle RIAA cases, before they go to court. This again shows that they just want to collect as much money as possible, most of the time from people who can’t afford a real lawsuit. It’s not about justice, just about the money.

The RIAA threatens people (dead or alive) into paying their exorbitant fines. They often offer people a chance to settle for $3000 or $4000, leaving them broke, but avoiding a real case. Not surprisingly, most of their victims choose to settle because they simply do not have the money to fight back.

So, the RIAA collects money without ever having to prove (and they often can’t) that the defendant is actually someone who engaged in peer to peer file sharing of copyrighted music without authorization. This works great for the RIAA, but it is not how the legal system is supposed to work.


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