Dying is no excuse says the RIAA

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The RIAA is known for their shameless actions, there's really now way to escape a lawsuit. Take the Warner Bros. v. Scantlebury case for example.

The defendant in this case passed away before the court made a ruling. However, according to the RIAA this was not enough to “close the case”.

riaa sucks

Instead, the RIAA gives the family of the deceased defendant 60 days to grieve, before they start taking depositions of the late Mr. Scantlebury’s children.

In the “motion to stay case and extend all deadlines” we read:

Plaintiffs do not believe it appropriate to discuss a resolution of the case with the family so close to Mr. Scantlebury’s passing. Plaintiffs therefore request a stay of 60 days to allow the family additional time to grieve.

Way to go….


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