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Following a breakthrough discovery of hidden potential in the BitTorrent protocol, we bring the news that you are probably not getting anywhere near the best from your torrent client. Discover how to increase your BitTorrent transfers by 500%!! Only available today on TorrentFreak!

Dear TorrentFreak Friend,

Have you ever wondered if it’s truly possible to be able to download up to 500% faster then you currently are? If it’s actually possible to increase your download speeds?… Well truth is that it’s very easy to optimize and tweak your Torrent Client so that you can boost and increase download speeds by up to 500% faster.

Just look how happy this guy is with his purchase!


Just for today, you can get this great product for just $17!!

Oh, come on….aren’t you interested? No? Not a little bit?

Truth is, lots of people are interested in paying for free stuff, offered by sites such as highspeedtorrent.com. This site uses lots of flashy talk to trick the BitTorrent novice into believing that it holds the secrets to super-fast torrents – but it in the end it charges each person $17 for a few guides, easily available for free right here on TorrentFreak.

But surely not many people fall for paying for this sort of ‘service’? Well, in fact, that’s an emphatic YES, unfortunately they do. Even with sales talk like this:

Never Again Will A Sale So Kick Ass, So Downright Brilliant, So Disgustingly Good, So Nauseatingly Appealing , And So Unbelievably Cheap, Will Ever Happen Again.

The owner of High Speed Torrent is looking to sell his site and quite profitable it seems too, at a claimed $4000 takings each month. Maybe it’s an over-estimate by an enthusiastic admin in order to get a better return – after all, surely you can’t make money from freely available guides?

Take a look at High Speed Torrent’s PayPal payments received account, hosted on their own site for the benefit of prospective buyers – you decide if it’s profitable or not.

In the meantime, help yourself to some of our guides, hints and tips. There’s 20 more of the best right here.

Keeping it free with TorrentFreak ;)


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