Steal This Show S02E07: The Early Days of Private Trackers

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Today we bring you the next episode of the Steal This Show podcast, discussing renegade media and the latest file-sharing and copyright news. In this episode, we talk to Joe Matheny, one of the people behind the defunct torrent tracker The Grey Lodge.

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grey-lodgeIn this episode we hear from Joe Matheny, one of the founders of the underground private torrent tracker The Grey Lodge.

Before it shut down, the site was used by millions of people per month in their quest to uncover the esoteric, strange and the downright weird.

Today we discuss the challenges of running a private underground tracker from the earliest days of BitTorrent, how even weirdos eventually get pursued by the MPAA, and how the demise of indie trackers from Grey Lodge to What.CD mean a net loss for our culture.

Steal This Show aims to release bi-weekly episodes featuring insiders discussing copyright and file-sharing news. It complements our regular reporting by adding more room for opinion, commentary, and analysis.

The guests for our news discussions will vary, and we’ll aim to introduce voices from different backgrounds and persuasions. In addition to news, STS will also produce features interviewing some of the great innovators and minds.

Host: Jamie King

Guest: Joe Matheny

Produced by Jamie King
Edited & Mixed by Riley Byrne
Original Music by David Triana
Web Production by Siraje Amarniss


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