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New Report Accuses Google and Yahoo of Funding ‘Pirate Sites’

A new report has linked two of the world's largest search engines to the funding of piracy-related sites. In the University of Southern California's Advertising Transparency Report both Google and Yahoo stand accused of funneling cash to the sites, which were picked due to their placement in Google's own Transparency…

Google Joins New Coalition to Stop Ad Revenue to Pirate Sites

An announcement later this week will confirm Google as a member of a new coalition to cut off "pirate" sites from their ad revenue. Following similar initiatives in the U.S. and UK, a Memorandum of Understanding between the online advertising industry and the music and movie industries in Italy will…

MPAA Urges Lawmakers to Protect Young Pirates From Cyber Threats

The MPAA is urging lawmakers to protect young Americans from the "numerous hazards on pirate sites." The movie industry group believes that young people may not be aware of the risks they face when visiting these sites and hopes that Senators will be able to address this cyber threat appropriately.

‘Pirate’ Site Ad Transparency Report Loses Credibility

The third edition of the Annenberg Innovation Lab's Ad Transparency Report is now unofficially doing the rounds. Google, Quantcast and Open X are praised for making "strong moves" to block sites that receive a lot of DMCA notices but the government and some major companies are in for criticism for…

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