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Reports: Demonoid Blocking Countries

According to an ever increasing wave of emails to TorrentFreak, it appears that residents of at least two countries can no longer access Demonoid. Not only are users from the Netherlands complaining they cannot access the site but now it's the turn of Brazilian BitTorrent fans to wonder why they've…

Brazilian Court Bans P2P Software

After an earlier decision failed to reach its objective, this week a Brazilian court made an unprecedented ruling against file-sharing clients. Following legal action by anti-piracy groups against a website offering a file-sharing client for download, the court decided that software which allows users to share music via P2P is…

MPAA: “Democratizing Culture Is Not In Our Interest”

MPAA Vice President Greg Frazier has made some interesting comments on copyright and widespread Internet piracy during a lobbying visit to Brazil. Among other things, Frazier told a local newspaper that democratizing culture is not in the interests of the MPAA. As it turns out, the MPAA's definition of creativity…

Government Intranet Packed Full of Warez

Since 2005, a Brazilian senator has been pushing for tough new 'cybercrime' legislation which would include measures against file-sharing. However, before thinking of unleashing new laws on the public, the government should look closer to home, since the senate's intranet is loaded with an impressive amount of warez.

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