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Supergirl Pilot Leaks to Torrent Sites, Six Months Early

After escaping from the planet Krypton years ago, 24-year-old Kara Zor-El is embracing her superhuman abilities. Better known as Supergirl, her latest adventures were to be showcased in a CBS pilot scheduled to air this coming November. This morning and six months early, the much-anticipated pilot leaked online.

CBS and CNET Protest Looming BitTorrent Client Ban

CBS and CNET have asked a Californian federal court not to grant a ban on the distribution of file-sharing software through Download.com. They responded to a request for a preliminary injunction from a coalition of artists and billionaire Alki David who claim that CBS induces piracy. According to the media…

CBS and CNET Liable For ALL BitTorrent Piracy, Artists Tell Court

In their ongoing legal battle against CBS and CNET, a coalition of artists has reiterated their request for a distribution ban on file-sharing software. The artists, joined by billionaire and FilmOn founder Alki David, accuse the media conglomerate of promoting piracy through websites like Download.com and state in their latest…

CBS Blackout Triggers Surge in TV-Show Piracy

Since Friday more than three million Time Warner customers throughout the United States have lost access to CBS programming, including the popular Showtime network. In what appears to be a direct result of the blackout, the percentage of unauthorized downloads from affected regions has risen pretty dramatically this week. Piracy…

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