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Copyright Group: Chilling Effects DMCA Archive is “Repugnant”

If it wasn't for the Chilling Effects DMCA clearing house the actions of those abusing the DMCA would go largely unreported. Still, the Copyright Alliance doesn't like the site, this week describing the information resource as "repugnant" to the DMCA. Unsurprisingly, Chilling Effects sees things differently.

Chilling Effects DMCA Archive Censors Itself

The much-praised Chilling Effects DMCA archive has taken an unprecedented step by censoring its own website. Facing criticism from copyright holders, the organization decided to wipe its presence from all popular search engines. A telling example of how pressure from rightsholders causes a chilling effect on free speech.

BitComet – A Bittorrent Client Stuck Behind a Language Barrier

For more than 7 years BitComet has been one of the most used BitTorrent clients, but also a piece of software with a doubtful reputation among users of competing clients. Many wild claims have been made against BitComet, with nearly no official response in English from the Chinese development team.…

Bogus “Copyright Trademark” Complaint Fails to Censor the BBC

Using copyright to censor online content may have been a successful strategy in years gone by. But these days, thanks to Google's Transparency Report and the Chilling Effects Clearing House, weak attempts to erase legitimate reporting are much more easily spotted - especially when they target a giant like the…

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