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Warner Bros’ False Takedowns Stifle Free Speech, EFF Tells Court

The EFF has filed a brief in the dispute between the cyberlocker Hotfile and Warner Bros, where the latter is accused of taking down content they don't hold the copyrights to. The EFF argues that Warner Bros. is stifling online speech by denying Hotfile users to access to legitimate content.…

Shareaza Stands Up To Scammers: “We’re fighting back!”

After falling victim to a domain and brand hijacking, Shareaza is fighting back at the scammers, assisted by the Software Freedom Law Centre, the EFF and Richard Stallman. In further great news for BitTorrent fans, Shareaza will introduce improved BitTorrent support into version 3 of the application.

EFF Seeks DMCA Exemption to Preserve Abandoned Games

The EFF and the Entertainment Software Alliance are going head-to-head over the need to preserve functionality in abandoned games. The EFF wants an exemption to the DMCA to keep games alive after its servers are closed down, but the ESA and its allies the MPAA and RIAA are vigorously opposing…

U.S. Court Asked to Release Megaupload Search Warrants

By seizing the servers of Megaupload, the U.S. Government also confiscated the personal belongings of many innocent users of the file-hosting service. One entrepreneur has asked the court to return his data and to assist this demand his lawyers are asking to unseal the search warrants. "Gaining access to the…

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