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Half of All Football Fans Have Watched Illegal Streams

Nearly half of football fans say they have illegally streamed a match online, with just over a third admitting to doing so at least once a month. Those are just some of the findings of a new BBC survey which found that 65% of young people engage in football piracy…

Could Pirate TV Box Users Be Prosecuted For Fraud?

The Federation Against Copyright Theft recently suggested it could go after people who use 'pirate' set-top boxes at home. Such prosecutions are potentially tricky under UK copyright law so chances of success could be slim. However, FACT is actually eyeing the Fraud Act 2006. Could that work?

Three Months On, eBay’s “Total Kodi Ban” Doesn’t Exist

Exactly three months ago, UK tabloid The Sun announced that eBay had "banned TV boxes that allow Brits to stream sports and films for free." But today, eBay still seems to be the platform of choice for box sellers, despite rightsholders having full access to takedown programs.

Premier League Wins New Stream Blocking Injunction to Fight Piracy

The UK's Premier League has obtained a new High Court injunction that will enable it to continue the fight against illicit online soccer streaming next season. In common with an order obtained earlier this year, the new injunction will require ISPs to promptly block access to Internet servers illegally distributing…

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