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Epic’s Fortnite Copyright Infringement Claims Need Work, Court Says

Fortnite developer and publisher Epic Games hoped to get a default judgment against an alleged cheater from Russia, but the court is not yet convinced. US Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler believes that the copyright infringement claims are not sufficient to grant a permanent injunction and has asked the developer to…

Mom’s Defense of “Cheating” Fortnite Kid Fails

Game developer and publisher Epic can continue its copyright infringement lawsuit against a minor. A Carolina federal court, which reviewed a scathing letter of the alleged cheater's mother as a motion to dismiss, sees no grounds to throw out the lawsuit at this stage.

Epic Sues ‘Fortnite’ Cheaters For Copyright Infringement

Game developer and publisher Epic is taking 'Fortnite' cheating very seriously. After banning thousands of accounts, the company has now filed lawsuits against two prolific cheaters of the popular Battle Royale game. "Nobody likes a cheater. And nobody likes playing with cheaters," Epic notes.

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