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File-Sharing for Personal Use Declared Legal in Portugal

Hoping to curb the ever-increasing piracy figures in Portugal, local anti-piracy outfit ACAPOR reported the IP-addresses of 2,000 alleged file-sharers to the Attorney General last year. This week the Portuguese prosecutor came back with a ruling and decided not to go after the individuals connected to the IP-addresses. According to…

Portugal Next in Line to Block The Pirate Bay

A coalition of copyright trade groups in Portugal will go to court with a demand that Internet providers should block The Pirate Bay and several other sites deemed to facilitate copyright infringement. The groups state that blockades have already been proven successful in other countries, such as the UK and…

The Pirate Bay Will be Blocked in Portugal

Following a European trend, the Portuguese Intellectual Property Court has ordered local ISPs to block access to The Pirate Bay. The legal action, brought by copyright holders, resulted in an injunction which orders the ISPs to block access to the popular torrent site and dozens of its proxies.

Portugal Hands Jail Sentence to First Convicted File-Sharer

In the first conviction of a file-sharer in the country, Portuguese authorities have handed down a harsh sentence of 90 days imprisonment in order to "set an example". The unnamed individual faced court after the Portuguese version of the RIAA issued a complaint about unauthorized uploading.

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