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Prince Targets Facebook Users in $22m Live Concert Piracy Lawsuit

International superstar Prince is back on the copyright warpath, yet again targeting individuals who are quite possibly some of his biggest fans. In a lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California, Prince is chasing down fans who found links to his live concerts and posted them on Facebook and…

Prince Primes Pirates For Huge Download Fest With 20Ten

Pint-sized popstar Prince will be giving his latest album away for free in a UK newspaper this week. Declaring the Internet "completely over", iTunes nor any other online store will get access to his music. "Computers and digital gadgets are no good," he declared in an interview, just as millions…

Prince To Take On The Pirate Bay

Prince, described by some people as one of the most creative and talented musicians, hired the infamous "Web Sheriff" who announced lawsuits against The Pirate Bay in the U.S., France and Sweden. "Way to go on losing all your fans" was the first response of Pirate Bay admin Brokep.

Prince Hires the Web Sheriff to Take on The Pirate Bay

It's a familiar story: copyright holder finds his stuff available via The Pirate Bay, artist threatens Pirate Bay through a proxy, Pirate Bay laughs at artist and proxy, and the BitTorrent community carries on downloading as if nothing ever happened. The Web Sheriff takes on the battle where everyone else…

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