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Anonymous, Decentralized and Uncensored File-Sharing is Booming

The file-sharing landscape is slowly adjusting in response to the continued push for more anti-piracy tools, the final Pirate Bay verdict, and the raids and arrests in the Megaupload case. Faced with uncertainty and drastic changes at file-sharing sites, many users are searching for secure, private and uncensored file-sharing clients.…

Pirate Bay Censorship Backfires as New Proxies Bloom

After legal threats from the music industry the UK Pirate Party saw no other option than to shut down their Pirate Bay proxy service. However, as is usually the case with censorship, the Internet has found a way to route around it. Responding to the UK situation Pirate parties in…

Court Forbids Linking to Pirate Bay Proxies

The Court of The Hague has handed down another ruling that restricts access to The Pirate Bay website. The Court has forbidden the Dutch Pirate Party from linking to, operating or listing websites that allow the public to circumvent a local Pirate Bay blockade. The political party is further ordered…

KickassTorrents Proxies Blossom Following UK Blockades

This week several of the largest Internet providers in the UK started to block KickassTorrents, Fenopy and H33T, but this doesn't mean that the sites have become entirely inaccessible. As a direct result of the blockades several proxies for the banned sites are now being overloaded with traffic..

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