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Movie Studio Sues Popcorn Time Users In The U.S.

The makers of "The Cobbler" movie have filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Oregon directed at 11 users of the popular Popcorn Time software. According to the filmmakers Popcorn Time doesn't have any reasonable legitimate use, something of which the users should have been aware.

Movie Studio Will Interrogate Suspected Popcorn Time Users

The makers of the Adam Sandler movie The Cobbler are allowed to interrogate Internet subscribers whose connections were used to pirate the film, a federal court has ruled. The filmmakers requested the depositions in order to discover the true identities of several Popcorn Time pirates.

First Popcorn Time Pirates Settle With Movie Studio

The Popcorn Time lawsuits that were filed this summer are starting to pay off. This week the makers of Adam Sandler movie The Cobbler announced that they've signed a settlement agreement with several accused users. The exact amount remains undisclosed, but according to the company's lawyer it is below the…

Judge Dismisses Movie Piracy Case, IP-Address Doesn’t Prove Anything

In what's believed to be a first of its kind ruling, a federal court in Oregon has dismissed a direct infringement complaint against an alleged movie pirate from the outset. According to the judge, linking an IP-address to a pirated download is not enough to prove direct copyright infringement.

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