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James Blunt: Disconnecting Music Pirates is “Critical”

An increasing number of British musicians are making their opinions known on the issue of illicit file-sharing. Despite Peter Mandelson's proposals which ostensibly support the music industry, musicians are divided. Today it's the turn of James Blunt, who feels the proposed "disconnection" legislation is critical to the industry's survival.

14-24 Year Olds Pirate 8,000 Music Tracks Each

New research carried out by the University of Hertfordshire reveals some shocking and some surprising statistics. The survey, carried out on behalf of UK Music, reveals that 61% of 14 to 24 year-olds use file-sharing networks, with each amassing an average of 8,000 tracks on their computers.

Massive Protest Against UK Anti-Piracy Bill

As Feargal Sharkey, head of UK Music, speaks of his confidence that the massively controversial Digital Economy Bill will be passed before the general election, the Open Rights Group has revealed that in the last 3 days more than 10,000 outraged citizens have written to MPs demanding a debate on…

UK Music Groups Launch Super Anti-Piracy Coalition

Umbrella groups in the UK which represent various parts of the music industry have decided that, in order to win the war on Internet piracy, what they really need is an even bigger umbrella group for all the other umbrella groups to shelter under. That new group, UK Music, is…

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