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Michael Jackson to Take on The Pirate Bay

Micheal Jackson and several other artists plan to take on The Pirate Bay. The king of pop hired the infamous 'Web Sheriff' to protect his rights. "Hey Michael - do you want us to pay you in small kids maybe?" was the first response of Pirate Bay admin Brokep.

Prince To Take On The Pirate Bay

Prince, described by some people as one of the most creative and talented musicians, hired the infamous "Web Sheriff" who announced lawsuits against The Pirate Bay in the U.S., France and Sweden. "Way to go on losing all your fans" was the first response of Pirate Bay admin Brokep.

Franz Ferdinand Sends Web-Sheriff After Pirates

Confessed pirates themselves, Franz Ferdinand have recently taken a pro-piracy stance, encouraging fans to download some of their work. It was therefore quite a surprise to hear that the band has recently hired the infamous Web-Sheriff to stop people from downloading their recently leaked album "Tonight".

Web Sheriff Takes Down RLSLOG

RLSLOG, one of the world's most popular release news sites, has been taken down following action by Web Sheriff. The site, which did not host any copyright material whatsoever, has been down for two days after the UK-based outfit issued complaints to the site's host and their bandwidth provider. The…

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