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WebTorrent Brings BitTorrent to the Web, Impresses Netflix

BitTorrent currently transfers petabytes of data across the Internet every month, but with the shift to online streaming it's losing prominence. Stanford University graduate Feross Aboukhadijeh is bridging this gap with WebTorrent and has already piqued the interest of Netflix, other tech companies, and many enthusiastic developers.

Popular YouTuber Experiments With WebTorrent to Beat Censorship

A popular YouTuber is experimenting with torrent-based technology in order to take control of his content and avoid third-party censorship. Bluedrake says that the potential for freedom when using WebTorrent "blows his mind" and has already carried out tests to get the project underway.

Web2Web: Serverless Websites Powered by Torrents & Bitcoin

Running a fully functional website in a regular browser without any central servers being involved sounds complicated, but with Web2Web it isn't. The project, powered by WebTorrent and bitcoin, allows anyone to create updatable websites that are as resilient as it gets.

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