The Kleptones and A Swarm of Angels Call for Artists

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A Swarm of Angels is a community powered movie project. The goal of the project is to gather a group (swarm) of people (angels) to fund and produce the entire project.

kleptones swarm of angelsWebby artists of 2005, The Kleptones will be producing the soundtrack for the movie. The Kleptones are known for their mash-ups of rap, rock and R&B music. This week they started their podcast at the project website. This first podcasts is a ‘moodcast’ to set the scene for Glitch, one of the two scripts currently in development as part of A Swarm of Angels.

The Kleptones are still looking for artists for their mash-ups. So if you’re an artist who’s publishing work under a Creative Commons license, join the team! TorrentFreak joined the Swarm as a media partner a while ago, and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest news.

So, if you’ve you always wanted to be involved in the production of a major feature film, here’s your chance. The project is about to reach the end of its second phase and signups are going to be frozen. So get in while you still can.


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