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British Government Caught Pirating On Prime Minister’s Website

While the British government puts huge amounts of pressure on ISPs to clamp down on file-sharers, it is doing some pirating of its very own. It seems that Prime Minister Gordon Brown's own website is in serious breach of copyright, as it is based on a ripped-off Wordpress theme.

Music Rights Group Claims Money From Creative Commons Event

German music rights group GEMA is known for its strict copyright regime, but sometimes they take things too far. The group recently claimed money from the organizers of a dance event where only Creative Commons music was played. The organizers informed GEMA beforehand about their royalty free status, but the…

IsoHunt adds 10.000 Free and Legal Albums

Despite being ensnared in legal proceedings with the MPAA, isoHunt is continuing to grow. Adding fuel to the 'significant non-infringing use' argument is their latest partnership, with the Creative Commons music distribution site Jamendo.

Obama Embraces Creative Commons

US President-Elect Barack Obama is a man with a message, and according to the speeches made during his campaign, that message is 'Change'. One of those changes has been somewhat of a snub to the creative industries and their lobby groups - the embracing of Creative Commons licensing.

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