TinySubs The First Real-Time Subtitles Search Engine

In 2008 a trend was set by launching real-time torrent search engines. These sites became quite popular as they were able to search the well trusted torrent sources in real-time.

Now, a few years later the idea has been picked up again, and used for another download related project; subtitles.

BitTorrent users often try and find subtitles for the movies and tv-series they download. Finding these subtitles can be tricky as most subtitle websites have their own user base, this means that most subtitles get uploaded to a single source.

This is where Tinysubs.com comes in, it allows you to search the top 36 subtitles sources in real-time, and allows you to filter results in over 60 different languages.

Tinysubs works fast and shows decent results. Their search engine works on a principle that all keywords in your query have to match. The idea behind this is that quality is more important than quantity.



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