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Student Fined For Running Movie & TV Show Subtitle Download Site

A student who ran a site which enabled the download of a million movie and TV show subtitle files has been found guilty of copyright infringement offenses. Despite it being acknowledged that the 25-year-old made no money from the three-year-old operation, prosecutors demanded a jail sentence. After struggling due to…

Fan-Created Subtitle Site Raided By Swedish Police

A new development in the increasingly controversial war against alleged copyright infringement is raising eyebrows in Sweden. Police raided Undertexter.se yesterday, a site which indexes subtitles that have been hand-created by its members. Blaming the United States for the shutdown, the site's operators are defiant and warn Hollywood that they…

Raided Subtitle Site Crowdfunds Grand Relaunch

Earlier this week a movie and TV show subtitling site was raided by police following an investigation carried out by a Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group. With the site's equipment seized but data safe, the youth division of the Swedish Pirate Party is now overseeing Undertexter's crowd-funded return to glory. Meanwhile, as…

Anti-Piracy Action Closes Yet More Fansub Sites

Once thought to be operating well under the radar, recent months have seen fresh efforts to silence sites that provide fan-created translations of movies and TV shows for their home countries. The latest targets for shutdown - Israel and France.

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