2007: BitTorrent Predictions

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Happy New Year! Here's a serious list of BitTorrent-related things that might happen in 2007. Seriously!

fireworks 2007Google launches BitTorrent search engine.
Google realizes that 33% of all searches on the Internet are BitTorrent related. In April they trade YouTube for Torrentz, and launch their own torrent search engine.

Pirates found own state.
The rise of Pirate parties throughout the world will continue. PP-international, the umbrella organization of the international Pirate parties founds an independent Pirate state.

RIAA sues unborn child.
The RIAA continues to screw whatever few customers they still have and announces a round of lawsuits against unborn children of suspected pirates. They later announce that every citizen of the newly founded Pirate state (deceased, alive, yet to be born or even conceived) owes them 99,999999 trillion US dollars.

MPAA assassinates TBP admin.
The MPAA continues its efforts to bring down The Pirate Bay. In May they successfully assassinate one of the TPB admins.

TPB admin resurrected 3 days later.
Similar to the TPB site, the admin is resurrected 3 days after his death. A new religion, Phoenixism is formed that hails him as their saviour.

Vista SP1 includes BitTorrent client.
In August 2007, Microsoft rolls out the first service pack for Vista. It includes uTorrent, which the company bought from BitTorrent Inc for as high a price as possible.

uTorrent’s successor vanishes.
Halite, which some people consider to be the successor of uTorrent, shrinks down to 37kb in March, 11kb in June, and vanishes just before the final 1.0 release in August.

Torrent sites continue to dominate the Internet.
Mininova, TPB and Torrentspy make it into the Alexa top 10. Seven torrent sites are listed among the 20 most popular sites on the Internet.


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