Torrentz Introduces Verified Torrents and More New Features

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The popular BitTorrent meta-search engine has introduced several new features, including "verified" movies and TV-shows. The site is now hosted in multiple datacenters - with full redundancy - to guarantee optimal service to its users.

torrentzTorrentz, ranked 4th in our list of most popular BitTorrent sites of 2007, has implemented quited a few changes over the past month. Some people might have noticed that setting up the new features and servers led to some temporarily inconveniences, as users were not able to add comments or votes. Luckily, the site is now fully operational again, with some great improvements and a new layout.

One of the most interesting enhancements to the site are the verified torrents. Torrentz now marks all torrent files from trusted sources with a green checkmark. These torrent files are uploaded by known groups such as aXXo, FxM, FXG and KLAXXON for movies, and EZTV for TV-shows. This makes it easier to find out whether a file is legit or not. These verified torrents are also listed on the frontpage of Torrentz, together with the search cloud.

Another interesting feature that was recently added is the profile page for registered users. On the profile page users can check their recent activity such as comments and votes. There also is an option to change the password and email address. Flippy, the administrator of told TorrentFreak that he also plans to add the most frequent searches for every individual user there.

Flippy further told us that he will add verified music torrents soon, most likely in a separate music section. And, when all the major changes are implemented he might even consider to make Torrentz compatible with Internet Explorer 6. However, the speed of the site will always have the highest priority, no matter what. When we asked him how many users Torrentz has at the moment, he told us that he had no clue, “Installing a Google Analytics tracking code will slow the site down,” he added.

For those who haven’t seen Torrentz’ updates yet, have a look, it is without a doubt the fastest BitTorrent meta-search engine.

Torrentz: New Features and Verified Torrents


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