UK Piracy Blocklist Silently Expands With Hundreds of Domains

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UK Internet providers have added close to 500 URLs to the national pirate site blocklist. The expansion follows a request from copyright holders who frequently add new proxies for sites that have previously been barred. Despite this mass-update, the ongoing blocking whack-a-mole is far from over.

uk-flagOver the past several years hundreds of websites have been blocked in the UK for facilitating copyright infringement, and this list is getting longer and longer.

Just a few weeks ago, 123movies and several other streaming portals were targeted by yet another High Court order.

These blocks have some effect, at least in preventing subscribers from accessing the domains directly. However, there are plenty of alternative routes people can use instead.

Blocked sites and people who support them often create so called reverse proxies. These allow users to access blocked pages through a new domain name, bypassing the restrictions put in place by the court. At least, for as long as it lasts.

Copyright holders are well-aware of the proxy sites and frequently send ISPs lists of new domains to add to the blocklist. Over the past weeks, we have seen one of the largest blocklist expansions to date, targeting hundreds of new domains.

The expansions often happen silently but are covered under the existing court orders. One UK ISP was kind enough to share an overview of the new additions, published in full below.

The new targets include a wide variety of proxies for popular pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay, 123Movies, ExtraTorrent, RARBG, Tubeplus, EZTV, CouchTuner and Putlocker.

TorrentFreak spoke to a torrent site owner who had several of his proxy sites blocked by the recent update. As a result, traffic dropped significantly last week, and it may drop even further once it’s implemented by all ISPs.

Proxy traffic


The question remains whether this new round of updates will have much of an effect. The proxy sites are setup with the intention to bypass blockades, so many will simply move to a new domain.

The popular proxy link site “Unblocked,” which offers an up-to-date overview of working proxies, is a good example. The site’s domain was added to the blocklist, but it already moved to a new home at

Unblocked’s owner told us that he has no intention of backing down, labeling the blocking efforts as futile.

“Anytime we receive multiple reports of the site being blocked, we redirect to a new domain that same day. It’s become quite a simple routine now and we don’t expect to give up anytime soon,” he says.

“Considering the popularity of Unblocked in the UK, I don’t think their strategy is an effective way to deal with piracy. Our traffic data doesn’t show any major changes after our many domain changes.”

And so, after yet another update, the whack-a-mole continues. Copyright holders will keep adding new domains to the blocklists, while site owners continue to hop from domain to domain.

Below is an overview of all the domain names that were added over the past three weeks in two batches, 480 in total. Some have a duplicate entry, listing both the www and non-www version.

Batch 1

Batch 2


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