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Millions of people use BitTorrent daily, but little is known about the market share of the available clients - until now. An objective sample of more than 150,000 unique IPs shows that uTorrent is the client of choice for more than half of all BitTorrent users. Vuze is in second place with close to 17 percent followed by the mainline client with 12 percent.

BitTorrent has been the leading file-sharing technology for several years already, but up until today little was known about the market share of the various clients. In December we estimated that uTorrent’s market share lay somewhere between 40 and 60 percent, but this measurement was far from scientific and based on a small sample size.

Today we present a more robust report based on data from over 150,000 unique users in more than 400 public BitTorrent swarms. The data for this BitTorrent client comparison is collected by a researcher known as ‘xXx’ of the Tribler P2P research team at Delft University of Technology. The research team will continue to supply TorrentFreak with bi-monthly updates so we can discover new trends and shifts in the usage of the different clients.

The results in the table below give the market share for each individual client. Only 5 clients reached the 1% threshold, the remaining 19 that were encountered are grouped in the ‘other’ category. Some clients were not identified by libTorrent (rakshasa) and those ended up the the unknown ‘category’.

BitTorrent Client Market Share, June 2009
Ranking Client Market Share % Platform
1 uTorrent 55.84 Windows, Mac
2 Vuze 16.85 Windows, Mac, Linux
3 BitTorrent Mainline 12.01 Windows, Mac, Linux
4 BitComet 6.50 Windows
5 Unknown 4.02 na.
6 Other 3.17 na.
7 Transmission 1.60 Mac, Linux

Both uTorrent and the third placed mainline client are developed by BitTorrent Inc, meaning that the company holds an impressive two thirds of the market. The only main contender at the moment is Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, with nearly 17 percent. BitComet, which used to be a major contender, is in fourth place with just 6.5 percent.

The data also gives us more insight into the size of the BitTorrent ‘network’. In December we reported that uTorrent had 28 million unique users a month, and based on this figure that might have grown even higher in the recent months. It is safe to say that there are roughly 50 million active BitTorrent users on the Internet.

It will be interesting to see how the market share of the clients changes over the coming months. Will uTorrent be able to keep its dominant lead? What will happen to Transmission’s market share when they release their Windows version? Will there be any new clients to compete with the top three? Lots of questions that we hope to answer in the future.

Stay tuned!


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