What is the Best BitTorrent Client?

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With an estimated 50 million users at any given time of the day, BitTorrent has established itself as the leading way to share large files online. As a consequence, BitTorrent applications are among the most installed and most frequently used applications on today's computers. So, what BitTorrent client are you using?

uTorrent has a dominant market share when it comes to BitTorrent clients. Along with BitTorrent’s increasing popularity, its base has grown to 30 million monthly users, leaving Vuze and the others far behind. But does this necessarily mean that it’s the best client, or the client preferred by TorrentFreak readers? Let’s find out.

We’ve restricted the results to a few of the most used clients plus ‘seedbox’ for the hardcore torrenters. If you’re not using one of these, please let us know what your preferred BitTorrent client is in the comments.


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