Tough New Piracy Law Sees No Takers in More Than a Year

For years Norway was pressured to do something drastic against pirates and 12 months ago this week the country introduced tough new legislation. But one year on and not a single file-sharer has been inquired about nor has a single site blocking request been filed. What's going on in Scandinavia?

Cyberlocker Blocked After Police Discover “Criminal Network”

A long investigation carried out by Italy's Fiscal police has concluded with a court-ordered web blockage of a popular file-hosting site. The operators of DDLStorage are said to have generated 1.3 million euros in just 15 months, the product of an affiliation with a pirate website. Top file uploaders are…

Twitter Removes Users “Pirated” World Cup Avatars

Twitter has removed the profile pictures of several of its users after the company received a takedown notice from World Cup organizer FIFA. The football organization forbids the use of any of its official logos and emblems on social media, including pictures of the World Cup trophy.

Hollywood Fails to Add Torrent Sites to Child Abuse Filter

It's been revealed that major Hollywood movie studios including Disney, Paramount, Fox, Sony and Universal attempted to have torrent sites added to New Zealand's already controversial Internet child protection filter. Alongside ISPs' objections to the proposal, the Kiwi government rejected the request.

Universal Music Can Delete Any SoundCloud Track Without Oversight

In a bid to tackle alleged infringement, popular music sharing platform SoundCloud is offering unlimited removal powers to certain copyright holders. Responding to a complaint from a UK DJ the company admitted that Universal Music can delete any and all SoundCloud tracks without oversight.

UK PM’s IP Advisor Won’t Stand For Re-Election

The UK Prime Minister's Intellectual Property Advisor is to step down at the next general election. Mike Weatherley has been front and center in promoting entertainment industry action against online piracy but will not stand for re-election in 2015. The former movie industry worker is already being touted for a…

Losing Weight, Pirate Bay Founder Requests Security Downgrade

After being arrested just over a month ago, Peter Sunde has sent a plea to the authorities over his detention. The Pirate Bay co-founder says that his prison conditions don't match the nature of his crime and that his health is deteriorating as a result. In addition to psychological issues,…

UK “Porn Filter” Triggers Widespread Internet Censorship

A new tool released by the Open Rights Group today reveals that 20% of the 100,000 most-visited websites on the Internet are blocked by the parental filters of UK ISPs. With the newly launched website the group makes it easier to expose false positives and show that the blocking efforts…

Dotcom Encryption Keys Can’t Be Given to FBI, Court Rules

In 2012, New Zealand police seized computer drives belonging to Kim Dotcom, copies of which were unlawfully given to the FBI. Dotcom wants access to the seized content but the drives are encrypted. A judge has now ruled that even if the Megaupload founder supplies the passwords, they cannot subsequently…

Millions Watch World Cup Through Pirated Live Streams

Millions of people have tuned in to pirated World Cup streams thus far, with some games getting nearly half a million unauthorized viewers. TorrentFreak spoke with the French-Israeli content protection firm Viaccess-Orca, who sent roughly 2,000 takedown notices to content platforms that host or link to illegally streamed World Cup…

Hackers Turn Music Industry Site into The Pirate Bay

During the past 24 hours a brand new Pirate Bay blockade was put in place in Argentina following a complaint from the IFPI-affiliated music industry group CAPIF. Now, just hours later, the tables have been turned after hackers transformed CAPIF's website into a fully functioning and blockade-circumventing Pirate Bay proxy.