Pirate Bay Starts Counting Down To…. February 1

The Pirate Bay has started the new year with an interesting update to the site. The counter that previously kept track of the time that had passed since the raid, is now counting down to February first. An official announcement is expected to follow in the near future.

Rental Car Stereos Infringe Copyright, Music Rights Group Says

Renting a car is something that millions do every year but if an industry group gets its way a portion of hire revenue will soon be hitting the music industry. Swedish collection outfit STIM says that car stereos perform music to the public and as a result rental companies are…

Mortally Wounded Pirate Bay Enters 2015 in Uncertainty

A huge police raid in 2006 failed to permanently take down The Pirate Bay yet what appeared to be a more discreet attack in early December has done much more damage and gathered more headlines. We take a look back on one of the torrent scene's most significant months on…

BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Search for in 2014

Popular torrent sites get millions of visitors every day, but what have all of those people been searching for? Today we present the BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2014, a list of the top 50 most searched for phrases and keywords on one of the most-used public BitTorrent indexes during the past year.

Here’s Where “The Interview” Pirates Are Coming From

With millions of downloads "The Interview" is without doubt the most pirated movie of the week. New data shows that the vast majority of these downloads originate from outside the U.S. where the comedy isn't available through legal channels. The film is particularly popular in Australia and the Netherlands.

Talos Principle Traps Pirating Gamers in An Elevator

The developers of "The Talos Principle" have come up with a nifty punishment for those playing pirated versions of the game. Instead of preventing the game from running, players are locked in a virtual elevator. Apparently the measure is having the desired effect, as some pirates are rushing to the…

Top 10 Domains Hit By Google Piracy Takedowns 2014

During 2014, copyright holders all around the globe stepped on the gas when it came to sending DMCA notices to Google. Today we take a look at the top 10 domains Google has been asked to delist from search in the past 12 months. Perhaps surprisingly they don't include a…

Movie Studios Fear a Google Fiber Piracy Surge

It's not a secret that Hollywood and Google are constantly fighting over piracy issues. While most of the public comments are made on search, there's another Google product that terrifies the movie studios. Leaked research reveals that Hollywood fears a huge piracy surge due to Google fiber, predicting a billion…

Dotcom: Encrypted MegaChat is “Coming Soon”

As 2014 draws to an end, encryption and privacy remain high on the agendas of many netizens. Cloud hosting service Mega has been building its reputation in this niche and is now preparing to deliver a new privacy tool. According to Kim Dotcom the company he founded will soon wave…

MPAA Considered Pulling Out of UK Pirate Notice Program

This year the entertainment industries reached agreement with the UK government to begin sending warning notices to Internet pirates. However, TorrentFreak has learned that the MPAA considered pulling out, fearful that the so-called VCAP scheme might prove ineffective.