Piracy Monitoring Firm Asks ISPs to Disconnect Repeat Infringers

Rightscorp, a prominent piracy monitoring firm that works with Warner Bros. and other copyright holders, claims to send lists of repeat infringers to various Internet providers on a weekly basis. The company asks the providers to terminate the associated accounts and claims that some ISPs gladly comply. But is that…

NSA Authorized Monitoring of Pirate Bay and Proxy Users

New leaked documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA authorized the monitoring of torrent sites including "malicious foreign actor" The Pirate Bay. The internal discussions further indicate that tracking people through multiple proxies is possible and suggest that once a release is made on Pirate Bay it's possible…

De La Soul Gave Away Pirated Copies of Their Own Music

Legendary hip-hop group De La Soul celebrated the 25th anniversary of their landmark album 3 Feet High and Rising by giving most of their music away for free this past weekend. Since you can't legally obtain most of the act's music online it was a great gesture, made especially intriguing…

LeaseWeb Sued For Hosting Megaupload and Other “Pirate” Websites

Megaupload's former hosting provider LeaseWeb has been sued for copyright infringement at a federal court in California. A complaint filed by adult magazine publisher Perfect 10 accuses the hosting provider of servicing several "pirate" websites. The publisher also holds LeaseWeb liable for the infringements of Megaupload, demanding up to $188…

Scary UFC Copyright Propaganda Matters to Everyone

You're probably thinking, I don't watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship, why should I care about what they have to say? Well, when a world leader in PPV can obtain a website's member list and set about threatening to sue each and every one of them for simply viewing an unauthorized…

Paris Censors Street Artist Who Criticized Anti-Piracy Law

City workers in Paris have been instructed to remove political messages from street art this week, including several paintings protesting against local anti-piracy law 'Hadopi'. The irony of the situation is that an artist's work is being censored because it criticizes a law that's supposed to protect artists.

BSA Offers Facebook Users Cash If They Rat On Software Pirates

The Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, is offering hard cash to Facebook users who report businesses that use unlicensed software. The anti-piracy group is running an ad-campaign luring people with the prospect of a "free" ski-trip.

Putlocker Rebrands as Firedrive, User Files Remain Intact

Putlocker, one of the world's most popular online storage services, disappeared this week without warning. In its place appeared a brand new site with a whole new look, leaving previous users of the service in a state of confusion. With Putlocker again cited as a notorious market in this week's…

Most Europeans Download and Stream Pirated Movies

Nearly 70% of all Europeans download or stream films for free, a new study from the European Commission reveals. The high costs of legal alternatives such as movie tickets and DVDs are the main justification, with release lags and limited availability also among the top reasons.

Australian Government Signals Online Piracy Crackdown

In a speech earlier today, Australia's Attorney-General George Brandis signaled a looming government crackdown on Internet piracy. In addition to a "three strikes" graduated response mechanism targeting Internet subscribers, Brandis indicated that ISPs could be forced to block websites that allow users to download or stream content without permission.

Nintendo Wants to Block Pirate Websites and Punish Game Pirates

Nintendo has asked the U.S. Government to put pressure on foreign countries to do a better job at tackling online piracy. The game company says it's suffering "huge losses" and calls for blocking of file-sharing websites and criminal prosecution against those who pirate games or facilitate copyright infringement.