Pirate Bay Shows Most Significant Signs of Return Yet

After being offline for more than six weeks the crew of The Pirate Bay has provided a new teaser suggesting the site's return. With just 10 days of a countdown left, ThePirateBay.se now shows the site's familiar and iconic homepage with active links to PirateBrowser and PromoBay.

How Hollywood Plans to Seize Pirate Site Domain Names

Hoping to put a dent in ever-growing piracy rates, the MPAA will try to convince domain names registries to stop doing business with pirate sites. In addition, Hollywood's anti-piracy group plans civil action to force registries to seize domain names of illicit torrent and streaming sites.

Failed MPAA / Xunlei Anti-Piracy Deal is Shocking

After signing an anti-piracy deal with Xunlei last year the MPAA is already suing the Chinese file-sharing giant. What went wrong is unclear but documents obtained by TorrentFreak reveal the toughest and most shocking set of anti-piracy demands to be found anywhere on the planet.

Pirate MEP Proposes Major Reform of EU Copyright

Julia Reda, a politician for the German Pirate Party and member of the European Parliament, has this morning released her draft report for the overhaul of EU copyright. In her role as rapporteur, Reda says that EU copyright rules are "maladapted" to the increase of cross-border cultural exchange facilitated by…

Pirate Bay’s Fredrik Neij Wants You to Write Him a Letter

Former Pirate Bay operator Fredrik Neij is currently the last person serving his sentence for his involvement with the notorious torrent site. To make his stay in prison a little easier he's hoping to receive letters, cards and other goodies from people around the world.

BitCannon: Download Torrent Sites to Use Offline

When torrent sites go offline millions of users are disappointed with the downtime but what if one could copy a torrent site and run it on a regular PC? With a few clicks and a new tool called BitCannon, that is now a reality. TorrentFreak catches up with its creator…

MPAA Wants to Censor OpenCulture’s Public Domain Movies

With a rather peculiar takedown request Hollywood is going after OpenCulture.com, one of the largest collections of cultural and educational media online. According to a takedown notices the MPAA sent to Google, Open Culture's list of 700 free public domain movies contains copyright infringing material.

Torrent Admins Get Probation But Face Millions in Damages

Two former admins of a private torrent site have been found guilty of copyright infringement offenses. The case, which involved more than 1,000 movies, concluded with probation and community service for the 24 and 25-year-olds. But the movie industry isn't done - they'll now pursue millions in damages.

95% Of Oscar Contenders Leaked on Pirate Sites Already

Earlier this week the 2015 Oscar nominees were announced, an event that inspired many people to check out the contenders. This increased interest is noticeable in legal channels and on various pirate sites, where nearly all of the 36 Oscar contenders are readily available.