Busted Android Store Founder to Crowdfund Battle Against U.S. Govt

In 2012, a trio of Android-focused websites were seized by the Department of Justice. The teenage admin of one, Applanet, was subjected to a raid by heavily armed agents and now faces an uncertain future. An Indiegogo campaign launched by his friends and sanctioned by his legal team now hopes…

BitTorrent Users Are Most Active on Sundays

Statistics from one of the largest BitTorrent trackers on the Internet show that the number of active users varies quite a bit over time. BitTorrent users are most active on Sunday evening, European time, roughly 25% more than on Thursday morning.

Universal Lawyers: Registrar Liability in Torrent Case is “Common Sense”

A recent decision by a regional court in Germany took the unusual step of holding a domain registrar responsible for the infringing activities of one of its torrent site customers. In response to criticism from the registrar concerned, lawyers for Universal Music inform TorrentFreak that the court's decision not only…

Comcast Sent 625,000 Copyright Alerts to ‘Pirating’ Customers

The MPAA, RIAA and five major U.S. Internet providers launched their six-strikes Copyright Alert System last year, and today we can reveal additional details on the scope of the anti-piracy measures. Information obtained by TorrentFreak shows that Comcast has sent over 625,000 anti-piracy warnings to its customers since the program…

Downloaded Dallas Buyers Club? The Piracy Lawsuits Are Coming

It's been Just over month since a near perfect copy of Dallas Buyers Club appeared online and already thousands of people have downloaded the critically acclaimed movie. In response, owner Voltage Pictures has just filed a lawsuit with the aim of punishing individuals who downloaded the leaked DVD screener copy…

KickassTorrents, ExtraTorrent and EZTV Suffer Downtime

KickassTorrents and EZTV, two of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, have been down over the past few hours. The popular TV-torrent group is suffering from a DDoS attack, which may have hit Kickass.to and various other sites as well.

Domain Registrar Liable for Torrent Site Infringement, Court Rules

A court in Germany has ruled that a domain registrar can be held liable for the copyright-infringing activities of a torrent site using its services. Registrar Key-Systems informs TorrentFreak that if allowed to stand, the ruling will have dire consequences for the kind of services domain registrars are able to…

Censorship is No Cure for Piracy, Legal Options Are

A newly published peer-reviewed paper reveals that blocking pirate sites does nothing to halt piracy. The report was one of the reasons why the Dutch Pirate Bay blockade was reversed. Talking to TorrentFreak the researchers say that censorship is "ineffective," and that it "alienates" customers from the content industries.

Pirate Bay Founder’s Detention Extended, Investigation Continues

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm had his custody extended for four more weeks during a behind-closed-doors court hearing today. The investigation into Gottfrid's alleged hacking activities is still ongoing, with the prosecution today revealing that police records obtained during the hack may have been transferred to servers abroad.

Anti-Piracy App Aims to Educate People About the Music Biz

Own an iOS or Android device and want to become educated in the ways of the music biz while learning about piracy? Well in theory now you can, with Music Inc., a new app released today by the UK music industry. But while it's undoubtedly colorful and well presented, does…