UK Cinemas Ban Google Glass Over Piracy Fears

Just a few days after the first Google Glasses went over the counter in the UK, the gadget is already being banned from local cinemas. Fearing that pirates will use the technology to illegally record the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Google Glass wearers will now be asked to take them off.

The File-Sharing Wars Are Anything But Over

The past year, the copyright industry appears to have calmed down a bit, thinking it won the file-sharing wars. At the same time, people sharing culture and knowledge have done the same thing. This conflict is far from over.

Bing TV Show Search Flies Under the Pirate-Hunter Radar

At every available opportunity copyright holders criticize Google for not doing enough to stop online piracy and every step taken by the search engine only results in more demands. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Bing flies largely under the radar, providing a video and TV show search tool that Google would not dare…

uTorrent Makes Advertisement Optional Again

The latest stable version of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has reinstated an advanced feature that allows users to disable a prominently displayed banner ad. The shortcut in the options menu is still absent, but those who know where to look can enjoy an ad-free experience once again.

Pirate Bay Founders’ File-Hosting Site Wiped From Google

Google has removed all links to Bayfiles, the file-hosting service created by the Pirate Bay's founders. For reasons unknown, people searching for the site can no longer reach it through the search engine. The site's operators are puzzled, but say that the change has very little impact on visitor numbers.

Parents of Pirate Site Admin Sentenced For Money Laundering

The former admin of a pair of file-sharing sites that had their domains seized in 2012 has this week been handed a 22 month suspended jail sentence. Also punished were the man's parents, who were sentenced to 10 months after using their bank account to accept site advertising revenue.

“Rogue” Video Site Refuses to Pay Record $42m Piracy Fine

A video service labeled a "rogue site" by the United States Trade Representative was formally presented with a $42m copyright fine yesterday, but already a face-off has begun. China-based QVOD is allowed to appeal the record-breaking decision by local authorities but in the meantime must pay the fine anyway, something…

Spotify Wants to Convert More Music Pirates

The popularity of music streaming services has grown explosively in recent years. There are many competing services around, but there's also a huge untapped market of people who pirate music. In the years to come Spotify hopes to convert a large chunk of the latter group into paying consumers.

Hundreds of Paid Informants Help to Rat Out Software Pirates

The paid informants program of the Business Software Alliance, a trade group representing Adobe, Apple and Microsoft, is a great success. The group recruits informants through Facebook and other venues, offering them hard cash in return for a successful tip. According to a BSA executive, this approach has put a…

Movie Boss Loses the Plot Over ISP Piracy Liability

The fight between a movie studio and an Australian ISP has today taken another odd turn. Village Roadshow's co-CEO now suggests that iiNet must take responsibility for piracy in the same way a car manufacturer apparently would if one of its vehicles killed someone while being driven by a customer.…