UK Museums and Libraries Protest Outdated Copyright Laws


This year marks 100 years since the outbreak of World War I, but the general public in the UK still doesn't have access to original unpublished works such as diaries and letters from the Great War. Current UK copyright laws prevent many British institutions from showing such important historical works.…

BitShare Hits Back at Police ‘Kinox’ Allegations

Police in Germany are closely connecting BitShare with the on-the-run admins of streaming portal Kinox, but the site's CEO informs TF that police haven't even spoken with him. As U.S. authorities are called upon to start shutting down BitShare and Freakshare servers, the lawyer for the 'Kinox' fugitives says he's…

Scientist Deliberately Pirates Art on a Nanoscopic Scale


Copying a song, movie or image without the creator's permission is illegal in many instances, especially so if the infringement is intentional. But what if that piracy is done on a nanoscopic scale, so that infringed works are imperceptible to human senses? How does that affect the artists?

MPAA Lobbies Lawmakers on Internet Tax and Net Neutrality


Every year the MPAA spends millions of dollars in Washington to guarantee their anti-piracy interests are secured. In the most recent quarter the Hollywood group added several of its topics to the agenda of U.S. lawmakers, including Internet tax and net neutrality.