IFPI Wants Major Torrent Sites Blocked in Days

The IFPI has given Austria's largest ISPs less than two weeks to block some of the world's largest torrent sites. Five local ISPs have been told by the music industry group that following a European Court of Justice ruling earlier this year, they must now restrict subscriber access to The…

Federation Against Copyright Theft Takes Down TorrentShack


The Federation Against Copyright Theft has claimed yet another victim on the private torrent site scene. In order to avoid being dragged through the courts, this week the admin of TorrentShack will close down the site and hand over its domain to the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group.

Can We Publicly Confess to Online Piracy Crimes?


Last week The Expendables 3 leaked online and thousands shared it illegally. While most sat in the shadows, David Pierce, an editor at The Verge, admitted to engaging in what amounts to the criminal distribution of an unreleased copyright work. Is it now OK to confess to jailable offenses as…

Russia’s Anti-Piracy Law One Year On: 12 Sites Blocked


Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Russia's controversial anti-piracy law. Figures released by Russia's telecoms agency reveal that in the past year 12 sites, mainly torrent trackers, were blocked under the legislation. Critics say that web-blocking has changed very little, with pirate content just as easy to find as…