Google Highlights DMCA Abuse in New Copyright Transparency Report


Google has released a new and improved version of its Copyright Transparency Report. The revamped report makes it easier to get insights into over a billion reported URLs. Among other things, Google now specifies how many URLs it does not remove and why, highlighting various cases of DMCA abuse.

Videomega Uploaders Outraged as Popular File-Hosting Site Disappears

Videomega is a huge file-hosting service and one of the world's largest sites, period. However, during the past few days, the site disappeared and its alleged operator dropped off the radar. This has outraged uploaders to the site who are usually paid commission based on the number of views they obtain. Some say they are thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Magazine Ran Software Pirate Contest “To Protect Consumers”


Encouraging users to commit illegal acts on the best pirate platforms has the potential to land a publication in trouble these days, but it hasn't always been the way. Back in 1989, popular magazine World of Computers ran a "consumer protection" competition to determine the best pirate software suppliers. How times have changed.

‘Will Trump Shut Down The Pirate Bay?’


Apparently, there's a rumor circulating that The Pirate Bay might shut down soon. Various news sites have been speculating about the demise of the popular torrent site and what may happen next... Could Donald Trump be the one to pull the trigger?

Paramount Wipes “Infringing” Ubuntu Torrent From Google


It's no secret that copyright holders are trying to take down as much pirated content as they can, but targeting open source software is not something we see every day. Paramount Pictures recently sent a DMCA takedown to Google, listing a copy of the popular operating system Ubuntu. An honest mistake, perhaps, but a worrying one.

Copyright Trolls Claim Student Pirates Could Lose Scholarships, Face Deportation

Copyright trolls are known for their dubious tactics but a new report from Canada shows just how low they can sink. According to the University of Manitoba’s copyright office, among a flood of 8,000 piracy notices are some warning students that they could lose their scholarships or even be deported if they don't pay a fine.

TorrentFreak Gets Its First YouTube Copyright Claim, And It’s Bull….


After having covered many YouTube copyright and Content-ID horrors stories, we can now share a personal experience. A few days ago we uploaded the archive of old TorrentFreak TV episodes to YouTube and within hours we received our very first copyright claim. Ironically, it's from a friend of the site and one of the last people we expected.