Mysterious Group Lands Denuvo Anti-Piracy Body Blow


From nowhere, the previously unknown group 'SteamPunks' has delivered a crack for the popular game Dishonored 2 but with a potentially significant twist. Instead of taking the conventional route of hacked code, the group's solution is a key generator for Denuvo licenses. This presents the possibility that Denuvo might have been seriously compromised.

Symantec Patent Protects Torrent Users Against Malware


Symantec Corporation has secured a patent that uses reputation scores to evaluate whether torrent files can be trusted or not. Through this system, the company can warn torrent users if they are about to download a fake torrent, or one that likely links to malware or other scammy content.

MPAA Chief Praises Site-Blocking But Italians Love Piracy – and the Quality


Outgoing MPAA chief Chris Dodd praised European site-blocking efforts Monday but slammed unauthorized content sites that "steal sensitive data and make profit any way they can." Speaking in Italy, Dodd called for the education of youngsters against piracy but that could be tough. Italians carry out 669 million acts of piracy every year and they're happy with the quality of pirate copies.

TheDarkOverlord Leaks Eight Episodes of an Unreleased ABC Show

Hacking entity TheDarkOverlord (TD0) has followed through with its threat to leak more unaired TV content. Speaking with TF this morning, TDO said it had approached ABC "with a most handsome business proposal" not to leak eight episodes of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome but was "rudely denied an audience." The content is now spreading via The Pirate Bay.

Denuvo Accused of Using Unlicensed Software to Protect its Anti-Piracy Tool


In what could be a severe case of irony overload, anti-piracy company Denuvo is being accused of using unlicensed software to protect its infamous anti-piracy tool. A developer of VMProtect, software which itself protects against reverse engineering and cracking, says that Denuvo has been using the product without obtaining the necessary permission.