Blockchain Startup White Rabbit Calls on Pirate Sites to Do Business, Legally

There's a general belief that many pirates would be happy to pay for content if it was presented in a convenient manner. So what if people could reward creators automatically when downloading content from pirate sites? That's what blockchain startup White Rabbit is proposing with its browser-based plugin. It's an intriguing but incredibly complex proposition

Popular Danish Torrent Tracker Shuts Down After Hack


The popular Danish torrent tracker Hounddawgs has shut down following a breach of its server. The operators confirmed that outsiders exploited a vulnerability, but initially denied that the entire database had been compromised. However, the alleged hacker countered this and posted more than 20 gigabytes of data online.

Is Your Kodi Setup Being Spied On?

Large numbers of people are running Kodi with a poorly-protected remote access interface, which enables third-parties to view their addons and other sensitive information. In some cases, people's private videos are also vulnerable to being viewed remotely by anyone with a browser. Worst still, attackers can change Kodi users' settings, which can cause chaos to the unexpecting.

Five ‘Fantastic’ Piracy Predictions for 2018


Today marks the start of a new year which will undoubtedly bring many more innovations and legal troubles related to copyright, file-sharing, and piracy. We take a look at some of the stories that, with a bit of imagination, could make headlines in 2018.

Massive Site-Blocking Measures Countered By 100K Browser Addon Users

Two years ago, Portugal introduced a pioneering and voluntary site-blocking regime, with zero court orders needed. With almost 1,400 sites now on the list, TF spoke with Revolução dos Bytes (Bytes’ Revolution), a group that maintains a directory of blocked domains and bypasses every one of them, thanks to their own browser extension powered by 100,000 anti-censorship citizens.

TorrentFreak’s 17 Most Read Articles of 2017


With 2017 nearing its end, we take a look at the most read news articles posted on TorrentFreak this year. The troubles at ExtraTorrent clearly left their mark with three entries in the top ten, but other popular topics such as Game of Thrones, Kodi, and The Pirate Bay also make an appearance.

Hosting Provider Steadfast Fights to Keep DMCA Safe Harbor


Chicago-based hosting company Steadfast has asked a California District Court to dismiss the broad copyright complaint filed by adult publisher ALS Scan. The hosting provider denies responsibility for the actions of a client's users, arguing that it is protected by the DMCA's safe harbor provisions.