Pirate Site Trial in Norway Ends in Record Sentence

Despite Norway eliminating music piracy with quality legal offerings, last year several movies studios decided to renew their anti-piracy efforts by raiding the first video portal in years. The case went to trial and the decision has just been handed down. While not as harsh as Warner, Universal and Disney…

All Major Oscar Contenders Leaked on Pirate Sites

Last week the 2016 Oscar nominees were announced, an event that inspired many people to check out the contenders. This increased interest is noticeable in legal channels and on various pirate sites, where all of the 37 Oscar contenders we checked are readily available.

Vladimir Putin’s Internet Adviser Owns a Torrent Site

The man appointed last week as Vladimir Putin's key adviser on Internet related affairs recommended that copyright holders should stop being so demanding on piracy until the local economic situation improves. Surprisingly, it now transpires that Herman Klimenko has a secret life as the owner of a torrent site offering…

VPN Providers Condemn Netflix Blocking Crackdown

VPN providers have unanimously condemned Netflix's crackdown on subscribers who use so-called unblocking services. Several VPN companies have announced counter-measures, while others raise the issue of Net Neutrality, suggesting that there are better ways to tackle abuse.

Court Grants Free Legal Assistance to Accused Movie Pirates


With up to $150,000 in damages available to plaintiffs in copyright infringement cases involving just a single movie, being a defendant can be a scary prospect. However, a judge in the United States has just thrown a small but significant lifeline to a number of assumed pirates, by granting them…

Movie Outfits Flag MPAA’s Search Engine as a Pirate Site


The MPAA has repeatedly urged Google to get tougher on copyright infringement, but recently it learned that anti-piracy efforts also have a downside. Several pages from the MPAA's search engine for movies and TV-shows "WhereToWatch" have been removed from Google's search results, following inaccurate takedown requests from movie companies.

Torrent From the Cloud With Seedr


Most people download torrents with desktop clients such as uTorrent but with a simple user interface and tiny learning curve, Seedr takes torrenting into the cloud. Hiding users' IP addresses from the public and with a totally free tier to get people started, the service is rapidly gaining traction.