Handy: Google Highlights ‘Best Torrent Sites’ in Search Results


Google is an excellent search engine. The company does its best to present users with relevant information wherever it can. With a reel of popular torrent sites, for example, when users search for it. Or a handy overview of streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Putlocker and Movie4k.to. Whether Hollywood will appreciate this service doubtful though.

Could Pirate TV Box Users Be Prosecuted For Fraud?


The Federation Against Copyright Theft recently suggested it could go after people who use 'pirate' set-top boxes at home. Such prosecutions are potentially tricky under UK copyright law so chances of success could be slim. However, FACT is actually eyeing the Fraud Act 2006. Could that work?

Pirate Site Admin Must Pay 13 Million Euros – If Anyone Can Find Him


Following seven years of legal problems and several court cases, the operator of a defunct warez site has been ordered to pay 13 million euros to movie studios and companies including Microsoft. He also faces a year in jail but with his whereabouts unknown, it seems unlikely that Disney and friends will get a Hollywood ending.

Court Orders Advertisers to Freeze Revenue of ‘Pirate’ Sites


A federal court in Florida has granted a preliminary injunction against more than two dozen relatively small pirate sites. The order allows the media conglomerate ABS-CBN to seize the associated domain names. In addition, advertising networks including Google Adsense and MGID are instructed to freeze their funds.

Hardcore UK Pirates Dwindle But Illegal Streaming Poses New Threat

The Intellectual Property Office reports that while UK infringement levels are stable, new threats are challenging progress. Around seven million people are consuming some level of copyright infringing content, but illicit streaming and stream-ripping are increasing in popularity. Interestingly, however, the number of consumers accessing exclusively free content is at an all time low.