MPAA Wants ISPs to Disconnect Persistent Pirates


The MPAA wants Internet providers and services to take stronger actions against persistent copyright infringers. Ideally, the most egregious pirates should lose their accounts permanently, the group says. To accomplish this ISPs should be required to track the number of notices they receive for each account.

Sky Subscribers Hit With New Wave of Piracy Notices

Customers of UK ISP Sky are being hit with a new wave of 'pay-up-or-else' letters from copyright troll outfit GoldenEye International. The letters seen by TorrentFreak include the usual claims but recipients should be warned that corresponding with the company by email is a frustrating process.

Harry Potter Publisher Goes on a Bizarre Anti-Piracy Rampage

The publishing platform responsible for marketing J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series has gone on a bizarre anti-piracy rampage. Pottermore and its anti-piracy partners told Google that J.K. Rowling's Wikipedia page was infringing, but sadly that's just the tip of a ridiculous DMCA notice iceberg.

Paramount: We Own The Klingon Language


The ongoing lawsuit between Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios and the crowdfunded Star Trek spin-off "Prelude to Axanar" is raising some interesting copyright questions. The spin-off makers argue that several of the Star Trek related elements they use are not copyrightable, but the movie studios clearly disagree.

Anti-Piracy Firm Wants ISPs to Pay for Pirating Subscribers


Piracy monetization firm CEG TEK is recommending that the U.S. Copyright Office should hold ISPs responsible for pirating subscribers. Among other things, the company proposes that, after an initial warning, Internet providers should pay a $30 fine each time a subscriber is caught downloading copyrighted content.

Piracy Fails to Prevent Another Box Office Record


Piracy is not killing the movie business. According to the MPAA's Theatrical Market Statistics report the industry has just turned in a record year, with $38.3b taken at the box office. Meanwhile, MPAA chief Chris Dodd is set to meet Napster founder Sean Parker, whose Screening Room threatens to upset…

RIAA Says YouTube is Running a DMCA Protection Racket


In the latest broadside in the content takedown debate, RIAA chief Cary Sherman has suggested that Google-owned YouTube is short-changing the labels by operating a DMCA-protected protection racket. Unsurprisingly Google sees things quite differently, noting that the tools already exist to take down unauthorized content on a permanent basis.

MovieSwap Cancels DVD Cloud Streaming Service

A service which planned to receive millions of DVDs from its members, rip them, and serve them remotely from the cloud to any device, has been canceled. MovieSwap achieved more than double its goal on Kickstarter yet a failure to reach 10,000 backers is now being blamed for its demise.