Accused File-Sharer Beats ‘Copyright Trolls’ in Finnish Court

The wave of so-called 'copyright-trolling' piracy lawsuits in Finland has resulted in the first win for an accused file-sharer, totaling €28,000 in legal fees. A local court ruled that the copyright holders lacked sufficient evidence to show that the person in question downloaded the files, in part because the Wi-Fi network was open to the public.

Movie Cammer & Prolific Uploader Receives Community Sentence

A man from the UK who admitted recording movies in a cinema then uploading them to the Internet has been handed a community sentence. Shaun Forry was charged with fraud and copyright infringement offenses, but despite recording two movies and illegally distributing more than 670 others, he avoided a custodial sentence.

RIAA Labels Sue Hip-Hop Mixtape Download Site Spinrilla


A group of major record labels including Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records, and Universal Music Group has filed a lawsuit against Spinrilla, a popular hip-hop mixtape site and app. Helped by the RIAA, the labels accuse the site's owners of copyright infringement, demanding damages that could reach millions of dollars.

Music, Movie & Gaming Industries Seek Piracy Blockades in Belgium


An entertainment organization comprising companies from the music, movie, and videogame industries is targeting several pirate sites for blocking in Belgium. The Belgian Entertainment Association informs TorrentFreak that it wants local ISPs to block nine of the most popular streaming sites under principles established by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Denuvo Website Leaks Secret Information, Crackers Swarm

While the folks at Denuvo are leaders in the field of video game protection, the same cannot be said about their website. In an embarrassing blunder, the company has left some directories and files open to the public and right now members of the cracking community are downloading and scrutinizing the contents.