US Calls Out Dozens of Countries on Yearly ‘Piracy Watchlist’


The Office of the United States Trade Representative has published its yearly Special 301 Report, highlighting countries that fail to live up to US copyright protection standards. The Trump administration remains dedicated to effective enforcement of IP rights, and keeps Canada, Switzerland, Russia and more than two dozen other countries on the 'Watch List.'

Reddit Repeat Infringer Policy Shuts Down Megalinks Piracy Sub


A popular sub-Reddit specializing in links to infringing content will effectively shut itself down after an official warning from Reddit's administrators. Megalinks has more than 108,000 subscribers but has now found a new home after Reddit threatened to implement its repeat infringer policy if the sub didn't clean up its act.

The Pirate Bay’s Rebellious History… in Doodles


While the Pirate Bay is still considered to be the bastion of limitless sharing, it's no longer as overtly rebellious as it once was. What makes things worse is that the famous doodles the site was once known for, have disappeared from its archive. Luckily we saved most, so we can take a look at TPB's doodles.

Former Judge Accuses IP Court of Using ‘Pirate’ Microsoft Software


A law firm has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office of the Intellectual Property Rights Court in Russia with an extraordinary claim. According to its client, who is a former assistant judge, the IP-focused court has been running Microsoft software for years without an appropriate license.

ISP Sued For Breaching User Privacy After Blocking Pirate Sites


Following a decision this week to voluntarily block three pirate sites, Japanese ISP NTT has found itself in legal hot water. A lawyer, who is also an NTT customer, has filed a lawsuit against the provider, stating that in order to block sites the ISP must invade the privacy of its users' communications, something that is expressly banned under local law.

Pre-Release Game of Thrones Leaks Bred Pirates, Research Shows


Three years ago, four Game of Thrones episodes leaked online before the season had started. As a result, millions of people turned to unauthorized sources to watch them. New research shows that this had a long-lasting negative impact on the official viewership of both Game of Thrones and related shows.