Scene Group Asks For Bitcoin Donations, Gets $0


The Scene is generally known as a network of 'pirate' release groups mostly interested in sharing content among each other. In these circles money is rarely discussed, but one relatively new group has broken this taboo with a call for Bitcoin donations. Thus far the result is rather disappointing.

ICANN: We Won’t Pass Judgment on Pirate Sites

Following more pressure from rightsholders, domain name oversight body ICANN has again made it clear that it will not act as judge and jury in copyright disputes. In a letter to the president of the Intellectual Property Constituency, ICANN chief Stephen Crocker says that ICANN is neither "required or qualified" to pass judgment in such cases.

BitTorrent Protocol Turns 15 Years Old Today


Fifteen years ago a developer named Bram Cohen posted a short message online, announcing his new file-sharing tool BitTorrent. Three years later his protocol was responsible for a quarter of all Internet traffic, and now it helps people to share hundreds of petabytes of data per day.

KickassTorrents Removed More Than 1 Million Torrents


KickassTorrents, one most popular sites on the entire web, offers access to millions of torrents. Users add several thousands of new files to the site every day, but not all of those survive. In fact, over the past few years the site has removed more than a million torrents to comply with rightsholders' takedown requests.

MPAA’s Domain Name ‘Policing’ Results in First Suspensions


Several "pirate site" domain names have been suspended following complaints from the MPAA. The websites in question all use domain names that are managed by the Donuts registry, which assigned the Hollywood group as its "trusted notifier." MPAA and the domain registry are happy with results so far and hope that other key players will join their efforts.

Landmark Piracy Trial Suspended Pending EU Ruling

Following a year-long wait, a landmark piracy trial in Sweden has been suspended after just two hours. The case, which sees the prosecution of two men behind the country's largest streaming site, is now on hold pending a decision from the European Court of Justice.