10 Years in Jail For Internet Pirates Now Reality in the UK


Having received royal assent before the weekend, the UK's Digital Economy Bill is now law. As a result, Internet file-sharers can be jailed for up to ten years, if they knowingly make infringing content available to the public while exposing a copyright owner to even a risk of loss.

Aussie ISPs Ordered to Block KickassTorrents ‘Spinoffs’


Australia's Federal Court has issued a new blocking order targeting several KickassTorrents related sites. When the original site was taken down, music industry companies shifted the focus to several spinoffs. Twenty Internet providers now have two weeks to implement reasonable measures to block users from accessing the infringing domains.

ATM-Style Kiosk Pumps Out Pirate Movies to USB Sticks


Services like RedBox have been delivering movies to the masses for more than 15 years but hiring out discs via a vending machine is always bound to cause problems. So how about a nice touchscreen shopping mall kiosk that dumps the latest movies to a USB stick for a few cents each?

Skytorrents: A Refreshing Ad-free and Privacy Focused Torrent Site


More than a decade ago most torrent sites were started as hobby projects. Gradually, however, outsiders started to recognize that these sites could be used to turn a profit, which resulted in an avalanche of smaller ad-ridden torrent farms. In this era, the ad-free and privacy-focused "Skytorrents" is a breath of fresh air.

Premier League Asks Google to Take Down Facebook’s Homepage


The Premier League has sent a rather unfortunate takedown notice to Google. The football organization wants the search engine to take down Facebook's homepage, claiming that it distributes copyright infringing content. Google has investigated the unusual censorship effort and decided not to take any action in response.

What Now For ‘Pirate’ Boxes & Streaming Following the ECJ Ruling?


This week the European Court of Justice found that set-top boxes and similar devices can infringe copyright if they are sold pre-configured for piracy. The Court also clarified that when users stream content from an illegal source, they too fall foul of the law. So with these issues in mind, how is the market likely to respond?

Hackers Leak Netflix’s Orange is The New Black Season 5 (Updated)

A hacking group calling itself TheDarkOverlord is threatening to leak a trove of unreleased TV shows and movies. The group has already backed up its warning by uploading the season five premiere of Netflix's Orange is The New Black. The group says it obtained the content from a post-production studio and after the company failed to pay a ransom, spilled it onto torrent sites.