The Pirate Bay Blacklisted By 600 Advertising Companies

The Pirate Bay and several other locally significant 'pirate' sites have been placed on an advertising blacklist. The initiative is the fruit of a collaboration between anti-piracy group Rights Alliance and Swedish Advertisers, an association of advertisers with more than 600 member companies.

uTorrent Turns 10 Years Old Today


When uTorrent came out in 2005 the application was instantly embraced by many BitTorrent users. Billed as an "efficient and small" torrent client it was superior to many bloatware alternatives. Today uTorrent turns ten years-old and with 150 million active users it's one of the most used pieces of software…

BitTorrent Traffic Share Drops to New Low

New data published by Canadian network management company Sandvine reveals that BitTorrent's share of total Internet traffic during peak hours is going down. For the first time since the file-sharing boom began it has dropped below 10% in Europe and the same downward trend is visible in the Asia-Pacific region.

MPA Reveals 500+ Instances of Pirate Site Blocking in Europe

MPA Deputy General Counsel Okke Visser has revealed that European instances of site blocking on copyright grounds now exceed 500. During a presentation in the UK yesterday, Visser highlighted 13 countries that are implementing web blockades, including latest addition Iceland, which blocked The Pirate Bay this week.

ISPs Agree to Block The Pirate Bay in Iceland

Local Internet providers in Iceland have reached an agreement with entertainment industry representatives to prevent subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay and The private agreement is being subjected to heavy criticism by the Pirate Party, which is currently the most popular political party in the polls.

Hadopi Reports on Five Years of “Three Strikes” Piracy Measures

This week the French "three strikes" anti-piracy system has been in operation for five years. To commemorate the event the HADOPI agency overseeing the scheme has provided some statistics. In 60 months, more than 5.4 million infringement notices have been delivered with just 2,900 account holders receiving a third "strike".

Presidential Candidate Lawrence Lessig Steps Up To Assist Kim Dotcom

Professor Lawrence Lessig has provided an expert opinion in support of Kim Dotcom and his Megaupload co-defendants. In submissions filed today in New Zealand, the Creative Commons co-founder and U.S. presidential candidate concludes that the U.S. DoJ has not made a case that would be recognized by United States federal…