MPAA Wants to Kill Domain Name Privacy, For Some

The MPAA has submitted its comments in response to a new ICANN proposal that may expose website owners who registered their domains through WHOIS privacy protection services. According to the Hollywood group it is essential that operators of "illegal" sites can be revealed without a subpoena or court order.

Prominent Legal Experts Rally Behind Megaupload

A group of prominent legal experts, including the Cato Institute, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Institute for Justice have come out in support of Megaupload and Kim Dotcom. The groups urge the appeals court to undo the forfeiture of millions of dollars in assets, which they…

Pirate Bay Damages Debt Doubles, No One Pays a Penny

The four individuals convicted of operating The Pirate Bay were all ordered to pay copyright holders millions in damages but to date none have paid a penny. Pirate Bay financier and former multi-millionaire Carl Lundström isn't running to Hollywood with a sack of cash either. "I have it good in…

Popcorn Time Warns Users Against Malware and Scams


Popcorn Time has issued a warning against scammers who abuse the popular brand to trap people into downloading malware or paying for access. To guide users in the right direction and prevent future complaints, the developers are sharing some handy tips and tricks.

TPP: U.S. May Not Force DMCA on Other Countries

A recently leaked copy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership's 'Intellectual Property' chapter has revealed a United States prepared to accept intermediary liability frameworks already in place in some partner nations. This means that countries like Canada, for example, would not have to adopt a DMCA-style process.

David Guetta: Piracy Brings Fans to My Concerts


For more than a decade piracy has been a hot topic in the music industry. While some of the major labels have tried to eliminate the problem by taking pirates to court, others prefer a more positive approach. DJ and producer David Guetta says that the industry should embrace piracy,…