KickassTorrents Defense Fights Extradition and Human Rights Violations

The legal defense team of alleged KickassTorrents owner Artem Vaulin says it will appeal last week's extradition ruling. Lead counsel Ira Rothken stresses that the refusal of the Polish court to grant bail and the unprecedented allegations violate the human rights of his client. The team is confident that they can book a positive outcome on all fronts.

Filmmakers Take Dutch State to Court Over Lost Piracy Revenue


A coalition of Dutch film and TV producers is following through on their threat to file a lawsuit against the local Government. The filmmakers hold the authorities responsible for the country's high piracy rates. They claim the government tolerated and even encouraged unauthorized downloading for years and want to see compensation as a result.

72% Of UK Broadband Users Think Piracy Warnings Will Fail


A new survey of broadband users in the UK suggests a gloomy outlook for the recently launched Copyright Alerts program. Almost three-quarters of respondents felt that the warnings will fail to stop people accessing and sharing copyrighted material, while more than 80% said they had no idea that an anti-piracy system was in place.

Copyright Troll’s Intellectual Property Goes Up For Sale to Pay Giganews

A copyright troll that terrorized service providers over alleged copyright infringement is set to forfeit the very assets that made its entire campaign possible. After losing an aggressive lawsuit against Giganews, Perfect 10's multi-million dollar bill will now be satisfied by the Usenet provider liquidating the adult publisher's intellectual property.

“Save The Meme” Campaign Protests EU’s Proposed Piracy Filters

The EU's proposed new copyright law is not without controversy. One of the most discussed proposals is the requirement for online services to install mandatory piracy filters. Several legal scholars and experts have already warned about the plan, and the public now has an option to join in through the "Save The Meme" campaign.

UK Court Dismisses Case Against Torrent Site Proxy Operator

More than two-and-a-half years ago, City of London Police arrested a man for operating several reverse proxies for torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents. Facing counts of money laundering and fraud, the operator risked a hefty prison sentence, but it didn't go that far. Nottingham Crown Court has dismissed the case, and police opted not to appeal the verdict.

Google Anti-Piracy Agreement Will Target Domain Hopping, Share Search Data


More details surrounding the voluntary anti-piracy agreement between Google, Bing, and major rightsholders have emerged. In addition to efforts to mitigate pirate sites' efforts to jump domains to avoid downranking, the search engines will "exchange detailed information" with rightsholders "on a confidential basis" in order to better understand how users are searching for content.

Prenda Attorney Pleads Guilty to Operating a Piracy ‘Honeypot’

For years Prenda Law extracted millions of dollars in cash settlements from alleged BitTorrent pirates, leaving misery in its wake. Now, John Steele, one of its lead attorneys, has signed a guilty plea admitting the honeypot scheme. The Pirate Bay provided important evidence in the case, as Steele used the site to upload pirated files himself to lure potential victims.