Despite Massive Site-Blocking, Russian Pirate Video Market Doubles


Site-blocking is supposed to be an effective tool for dealing with piracy but research from Russia paints a rather different picture. Despite blocking thousands of domains, last year the market for pirate video more than doubled in the region, with the average pirate site generating around $156,000pa and some into the millions.

YouTube MP3 Converters Block UK Traffic to Avoid Trouble


Two of the most used YouTube to MP3 conversion sites have closed their doors to UK traffic. The surprise move follows shortly after another popular stream ripper, YouTube-MP3, closed its site as part of a settlement with major music industry groups. Is this the start of a ripple effect?

Anti-Piracy Outfit Behind ‘Pirate’ Site Reincarnations


In 2016, French police shut down the country's largest pirate site, Zone-Telechargement. The platform had millions of regular visitors, meaning a reincarnated site would be hot news. Recently a replacement appeared but with a remarkable twist - it's actually operated by an anti-piracy company.

Appeals Court Grills Cox and BMG in Piracy Liability Case


Internet provider Cox Communications and music publisher BMG presented their arguments to the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit this week. During an oral hearing, both attorneys received tough questions about the piracy liability case. Judge Shedd noted that the legal battle is ultimately about two companies fighting over money, which puts people's ability to access the Internet at risk.

The Pirate Bay is Hard to Find on Google in Some Countries

Anyone entering the term 'The Pirate Bay' into a search engine should expect to get The Pirate Bay's website as the top or close to top result, since that's what the search demands. However, depending on where you are in the world and what variant of Google search you use, results can vary quite dramatically.