Top UK Advertisers Place 73% Fewer Ads on Pirate Sites

The City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit says it is making excellent progress in reducing the revenues of so-called 'pirate' sites. The UK's top ad spending companies have reportedly decreased their 'pirate' advertising by 73%, with automotive, food and drink, and real estate businesses pulling out almost completely.

Rightscorp Deal Turns DMCA Notices Into Piracy Lawsuits

Piracy monetization firm Rightscorp has signed an agreement to provide lawfirm Flynn Wirkus Young with the IP-addresses of persistent pirates. The data will be used to target U.S. Internet users who ignore DMCA notices and settlement offers sent by copyright holders. The first cases are already in progress.

Warner Bros. Obtains Injunction Against 16 Torrent Sites

Warner Bros. has obtained a blocking injunction against 16 Russia-based torrent sites, including, one of the country's largest. The injunction, which aims to limit the unauthorized distribution of the movie Entourage, is the first of its kind to be granted directly to a U.S. movie company by a Russian…

Vimeo Intervenes to Fix ‘Pixels’ DMCA Disaster

Last week an anti-piracy company aiming to protect the movie 'Pixels' wrongfully took down several unrelated videos from Vimeo, including one that actually inspired the Columbia movie. Vimeo now informs TorrentFreak that the company has intervened and after speaking with the anti-piracy outfit involved, all affected videos have been reinstated.

Tolkien Lawyers Target “Hobbit House” With Copyright Threats


Hollywood studio Warner Bros. and the Tolkien Estate are cracking down on a British couple building a "Hobbit house" campsite. The pair are being forced to change the project's name and remove all Hobbit references from their Kickstarter campaign. According to Tolkien's lawyers even words that rhyme with Hobbit are…

Minority Report, Lucifer and Blindspot Pilots Leak Online

Pilot episodes of several upcoming TV shows have leaked online way ahead of their intended premieres. Fox's DC Comics-based crime-horror Lucifer leaks months ahead of a planned 2016 debut while sci-fi crime drama Minority Report and NBC's Blindspot appear six weeks in advance of their September debut.