UK IPTV Provider ACE Calls it Quits, Cites Mounting Legal Pressure


Citing legal pressure, last December one of the most popular unauthorized IPTV providers in the UK announced that it would only serve existing customers moving forward. That has now developed into a full shutdown, leaving customers and resellers of the service high and dry. While many are quite rightly annoyed, more experienced users understand how these things work.

Comcast Doesn’t Disconnect All Binging Pirates


Comcast has recently updated its repeat infringer policy to make it clear that persistent pirates risk losing their Internet access. While the company doesn't specifically state when a subscriber is at risk, receiving more than 50 DMCA notices on a single day doesn't appear to cause any issues. Perhaps Comcast favors a more gradual approach?

Why Did The World’s Largest Streaming Site Suddenly Shut Down?


Just over a week ago, 123movies, also known as 123movieshub and GoMovies, announced its surprise shutdown. After being labeled the largest pirate site in the world by the MPAA, it has now disappeared off the face of the Internet. While Hollywood had clearly poked its fingers into this pirate pie, a number of developments in Vietnam could have contributed to the site's downfall.

Forty Percent of All Mexican Roku Users are Pirates


Mexican courts have put a ban on Roku sales in the country, but until now the prevalence of Roku-related piracy was largely unknown. New figures released by a Mexican market research firm add some context and estimate that forty percent of all Roku owners in the country use the device to access pirated content.

Russia Asked ISPs to Block 13.5 Million Amazon IP Addresses to Silence One App


Zello rose to fame in August 2017 when the 'walkie-talkie' app was used by relief effort volunteers and those stranded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The Russian government, however, wants to take the app down and this week it was revealed that the country's telecoms regulator told ISPs to prepare to block 15 million IP addresses, most belonging to Amazon, in order to do so.