UK ISPs Fail to Overturn Site Blocking Order


In 2014, the High Court ordered Sky, TalkTalk, BT, Virgin Media and EE to block websites dealing in counterfeit luxury products. The ISPs appealed the case on a number of grounds, including that the court had no power to order the injunctions. That appeal has now failed.

FACT Rewards Cinema Workers For Stopping Piracy

Anti-piracy group FACT has presented awards to cinema staff whose actions prevented the unauthorized recording of first-run movies . A total of 17 individuals from around the UK were commended during a special ceremony at Twentieth Century Fox in London yesterday.

UK Bill Introduces 10 Year Prison Sentence for Online Pirates


The UK Government's Digital Economy Bill, which is set to revamp current copyright legislation, has been introduced in Parliament. One of the most controversial changes is the increased maximum sentences for online copyright infringement. Despite public protest, the bill increased the maximum prison term five-fold, from two to ten years.

Kim Dotcom Hints at Second Coming of Megaupload

Kim Dotcom has confirmed to TorrentFreak that he has a brand new cloud storage site under development. After an extended planning period, the entrepreneur says the platform will be his best creation yet. It could launch next January with a name that "will make people happy."

‘Just’ 5% of UK Internet Users are Hardcore Pirates

A report published by the Intellectual Property Office has revealed that around a quarter of all UK media consumers pirated at least one item during a three-month period earlier this year. Infringement of movies and TV shows are both up in 2016, but music has shown a marked decrease.