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Allpeers, the "BitTorrent powered" Firefox extension just released version 0.60 which includes some major improvements and a FireFox bundle for people who don't have the popular browser installed yet. With AllPeers you can easily share pictures, music, videos, and web pages with your friends within Firefox.

allpeersThe latest version of AllPeers comes with several new features and improvements such as email sharing, importing friends from existing email accounts, and the ability to share folders and subdirectories.

Together with Mozilla, AllPeers released a version of AllPeers with Firefox included, or the other way around if you prefer. This makes it easier for people who are new to both Firefox and AllPeers to give it a try. Or as Matt puts it on the AllPeers blog:

When you share by email with unenlightened folks who don’t even have Firefox yet (the humanity!) they can get it together with AllPeers in a single convenient download. Already about 10% of our users are new to Firefox, and we hope that the bundle will help to increase this percentage significantly.

Even though AllPeers is using the BitTorrent protocol, the extension does not support .torrent downloads. However, this might change because AllPeers recently opened up its source which allows other developers to create a slimmed down version of the extension, with an interface to download .torrent files.

Unlike a year ago, AllPeers is not the only BitTorrent extension for Firefox anymore, they now have some serious competition from BitFox, another open-source extension and of course FoxTorrent, “Bram Cohen’s worst nightmare”.

Here’s a video from the AllPeers team that explains how to use some of the new features, the extension, and the Allpeers Firefox bundle can be downloaded over here.


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