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BitTorrent Inc. has partnered with two major online game providers, providing technology to accelerate the downloads of clients and patches. BitTorrent Inc. sees the online games space as one of their target markets, as there is a lot of bandwidth to be saved.

bittorrent dnaLast month we reported that EA had chosen the BitTorrent protocol to distribute the Warhammer Online Beta. Although it wasn’t an official partnership, it’s an indication that the use of BitTorrent is starting to become more mainstream. This is no surprise, as it is the ideal way to spread large amounts of data at low cost.

Today, BitTorrent Inc. has announced that it will use its DNA service to distribute clients and patches for Aeria and IAHGames, known for EA’s FIFA Online 2. BitTorrent DNA is used to stream and download content efficiently via BitTorrent, without interfering with VoIP calls and Internet browsing.

Eric Klinker, chief technology officer at BitTorrent Inc. said “BitTorrent is proud to be working with leaders in the massively multiplayer online gaming space such as Aeria and IAHGames. BitTorrent DNA thrives in this environment by giving online game distributors an ability to manage user-contributed bandwidth, boost delivery performance and enhance the end-user experience.”

“With BitTorrent’s advanced congestion control technology and game-play detection features, DNA ensures that gamers won’t have to suffer any delays or breaks in their game play while simultaneously downloading the latest software patch,” Klinker added.

Video streaming is another area where P2P content delivery might play a significant role in the future. NewTeeVee reports that YouTube might get on the P2P bandwagon, as the makers of PPLive are experimenting with a P2P accelerator for Flash streams. If it works, YouTube could save millions of dollars in bandwidth costs.

Finding an efficient way to use BitTorrent or P2P based video streams is one of the most difficult, but revolutionizing challenges for P2P developers. But we’re getting there, as early tests indicate that it is possible to stream video, even live feeds, with BitTorrent.


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