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Desert bus is probably one of the best games ever. Unfortunately the game was never released, until now. 11 years after the planned release date Waxy is hosting a torrent for this mythical game. The game is part of a long-lost Penn and Teller videogame.

The goal of the game is pretty straightforward. You have to drive a Bus through the desert from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas. The hard part is that the whole trip is in real-time, so it takes 8 hours at least. And it gets even better:

There is no scenery or even other cars on the road, just plain desert, for 8 hours. Oh, and your bus veers to the right just slightly, so it’s impossible to just tape down a button and go do something else. Rumor has it that if you make it to Vegas, you score one point.

desert bus torrent

Really, you have to try this one.
So grab the torrent (810MB, it’s a collection of great games), install a free SEGA cd emulator, and you’re ready to go. (update 2017: torrent is no longer available)

Have a nice trip. I will give 10$ 25$ to the first person who beats the game, mail me. (we have a winner)

More info on this

Instructions: (from If you have an actual Sega CD, just burn the disc images and you’re set. Otherwise, you’ll need a copy of the GENS emulator and the Sega CD BIOS to play. After unpacking both archives, start the emulator and go to the “Options: BIOS” menu. Set the “Sega CD BIOS: USA” directory to the folder you saved the BIOS file in. Then use “File: Open ROM” to open “PTSM1.bin.”


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