BitTorrent aids Terrorists and Pedophiles

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In Friday's edition of BBC's newsnight, BitTorrent is portrayed as the new evil that helps terrorists and pedophiles to do their "job" without being noticed. In a dramatic 4 minute report the public is led to believe that BitTorrent is a threat to (inter)national security. Unbelievable, see for yourself.

Sure, ISP’s don’t like BitTorrents new gadget, but what has this to do with terrorists and pedophiles. Newsnight makes it seem like encryption makes it impossible to track traffic and that all filesharers are thieves, which is absolute nonsense. In fact, Newsnight didn’t looked into the actual story at all, but they managed the get a comment from a former CIA officer, to “confirm” their story.

The edition of Newsnight in question led to a lot of critique, and today Adam Livingstone Newsnight’s Ubergeek tried to calm things down and made a public apology.

First though, an apology. File sharing is not theft. It has never been theft. Anyone who says it is theft is wrong and has unthinkingly absorbed too many Recording Industry Association of America press releases. We know that script line was wrong. It was a mistake. We’re very, very sorry.

Good to hear some wise words after all

Link to torrent (non terrorists only)


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