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The filesharing documentary Steal This Film has been a great success. Yet, despite millions of downloads and a lot of support from the P2P community, they admit they haven't yet covered the costs of producing STF II. There is hope though.

stfSteal This Film Part 1 was mostly about the raid on The Pirate Bay and its aftermath. Part 2 however, views filesharing from a broader perspective and looks into the historical dimension of this movement. The film features admins from The Pirate Bay and Mininova, among others.

The League of Noble Peers, creators of Steal This Film, have been very upbeat about donations to the project and the possibilities of P2P for creativity. However, despite hundreds of donations, the project still isn’t out of the red yet. All is not lost, though. Fans of the Steal This Film series have another chance to help the Peers as they raise money to continue the project.

Steal This Film II is currently running 3rd in the Babelgum Online Film Festival’s documentary category. Babelgum is a Joost-like service that allows you watch free and full length videos, full screen.

Babelgum will add up the votes of users from their professional jury to find three films in each category to be judged by Spike Lee. If they win their category, the Peers stand to win $30,000 (EU20,000) towards the project.

All you have to do to help is download the client, search for “Steal This Film” and cast your vote to let the jury know what you think.

“It sucks to have to download a client, we know, but the cash would come in handy for the next phase of the film,’ said Jamie King of the League of Noble Peers. “And it would be fun to meet Spike – we dug ‘25th Hour‘! Big thanks to anyone who takes time out to lend us their support again.”

Of course, Steal This Film remains free to download and redistribute at For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must watch.


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