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The popular BitTorrent site IsoHunt just reached a new milestone, as they now index over 1 million torrents. In total, the torrents on IsoHunt point to 22 million files that all add up to a dazzling 743TB in data.

isohuntisoHunt has been around for ages, longer than almost any other BitTorrent site in existence today, and they are still moving forward. Last month they released a new Ajaxy comment and rating system, and today they reached another milestone.

IsoHunt founder Gary Fung writes in their forums: “It has been a long time coming, but with steady growth of active torrents from around the Web (which I’ll call the Torrentsphere from now on if you don’t mind), isoHunt’s index reached the 1 million torrents milestone 2 hours ago.”

Like most other BitTorrent sites, isoHunt’s traffic is not slowing down at all. The site is currently among the 150 most visited websites on the Internet, and listed in the top three most used BitTorrent sites together with The Pirate Bay and Mininova. The increasing popularity also has its downsides though, in this case downtime because the servers can’t keep up.

The record traffic, in combination with the new features, have caused server issues over the past few weeks, and they had to display a “iSohunt is Sick” error message more often than they wanted to. “It’ll be back to normal soon enough,” Gary says, adding “You should seldom see them now that we got most congestion issues solved.”

IsoHunt had a small backlash last year when the isoHunt team had to block access to all US visitors on their TorrentBox and Podtropolis tracker, because of their involvement in a lawsuit initiated by the MPAA. Other than that, things are going great for them.

The increase in BitTorrent’s popularity is far from over yet. The numbers speak for itself, isoHunt indexing a million torrents, The Pirate Bay tracking 10 million peers, and Mininova just had its 4 billionth download.

Good times for the “torrentsphere”.


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