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Kim Dotcom makes no secret of the fact that he holds U.S. President Barack Obama personally responsible for the destruction of Megaupload. The outspoken Internet phenom is determined to uncover the political scandal behind Megaupload's demise and wants Obama to be voted out of office. But what would Dotcom do if he was the most powerful man in the world? Let's find out.

For five days in a row Kim Dotcom’s tweets directed at Barack Obama were the most retweeted mentions of the U.S. President, a sign that Dotcom’s vendetta against the forces that shuttered Megaupload is clearly being noticed.

And the Megaupload founder is not planning to go silent anytime soon. He’s busy using his online influence to stir up the hornet’s nest.

Talking to TorrentFreak, Dotcom says that the number of people siding with him is growing.

“Every day more people speak out and disagree with the U.S. government’s actions against Megaupload. Millions of users still don’t have access to their files. Internet users in the U.S. and around the world are outraged,” Dotcom says.

Dotcom’s latest Obama tweet


As a result of the Megaupload shutdown 220 people lost their jobs and millions more lost access to their personal files. Dotcom believes that the U.S. is stifling innovation on the Internet and is urging President Obama to reverse his actions before it’s too late. He’s demanding the Change once promised by Obama.

That got us thinking – what would Kim Dotcom do if he was the President of the United States? What would he change aside from bringing back Megaupload?

Luckily Dotcom was happy to oblige. He made a list of 15 things he would do differently if he was President of the United States of America, changes that go beyond Internet issues.

1. Stop all wars the United States are involved in (offline and online).

2. Make peace and negotiate diplomatic settlements with all enemies.

3. Stop interfering with other nations unless help was asked for.

4. Stop supporting Israel’s aggression against Palestine and its other neighbors.

5. Cut military spending to the minimum required for a “defense” force.

6. Use military savings and other cuts to level the budget.

7. Stop sending trash to Mars and instead cure diseases on earth.

8. Focus on alternative fuel and energy strategies.

9. Keep the Internet open, free from censorship and stop spying on citizens.

10. Make lobbying and political donations illegal and fund political campaigns with taxes.

11. Tax citizens with the highest income the most and with the smallest income the least.

12. Increase the number of class rooms / teachers and pay teachers with the best results most.

13. Reform the justice and prisons system and reduce the number of prisoners.

14. Protect the environment and stop unnecessary pollution.

15. Fix all other problems.

While it’s “unlikely” that Dotcom will ever become President of the United States, there’s a more than a decent chance of him beating the U.S. Government in court. When that happens and as part of the process, Dotcom hopes to bring down the people who were responsible for Megaupload’s destruction.

Dotcom says he has evidence that Vice President Joe Biden was the one who ordered the shutdown of Megaupload. According to Dotcom the takedown is the result of a corrupt system in which Hollywood paid for Megaupload’s demise through political donations.

“The MPAA paid for this takedown with Hollywood’s re-election donations. Former Senator and now MPAA CEO Chris Dodd called in the favors he earned during his political career. The Megaupload story is one of corruption and abuse of power. Hollywood could not have written a better political thriller,” he says.

“Over the last few months many legal experts called the shutdown of Megaupload unlawful and unconstitutional. But the U.S. government is celebrating Megaupload’s takedown by handing out awards for example to the Hong Kong Department of Justice. Yet nobody has been found guilty of any crime, and nobody ever will, because Megaupload was perfectly legal,” Dotcom adds.

Like President Obama, Kim Dotcom is eager to go forward. In the coming months he will debut the music service Megabox and if all goes well Megaupload might just make a comeback too.


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