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A few weeks ago we reported that the popular DVD ripper aXXo decided to take a break and stopped releasing new material for the time being. Around the same time a new face entered the non-scene scene and whenever people searched for aXXo torrents, KLAXXON rips started to appear.

The last official aXXo torrent was uploaded over a month ago, after that is has been awfully quiet. When aXXo was still active, an estimated one million people downloaded his DVDrips every month. This did not go unnoticed to malware peddlers and anti-piracy organizations who used the aXXo tag to spread their evil. However, it now seems that a new ripper called KLAXXON, is also benefiting from aXXo’s popularity.

It’s safe to say that KLAXXON’s name is inspired by aXXo, thereby using the popularity of aXXo to promote his/her DVDrips in the search results of BitTorrent sites. It’s an effective way to get attention because even after a month of absence, aXXo is still among the most searched keywords on most BitTorrent sites.

It turns out that KLAXXON’s timing was spot on. Intentionally or not, the rips (mostly older titles) started to appear on torrent sites a few days before aXXo posted his last torrent. The quality of the rips is not bad according to most of the comments. The only thing thats seems odd are the file sizes, they vary quite a bit, from 500MB to well over 1GB.

axxo klaxxon

I doubt whether it’s wise, but KLAXXON even has a weblog with more details about the releases and a requests page where we read:

Please add your requests to the comments section below and klaxxon will try to provide the most popular requests. Please note this will depend on time constraints but klaxxon will endevour to satisfy as many of our loyal fans as possible. Thank you once again for your loyal support.

It looks like KLAXXON enjoys pleasing their “loyal fans” on their way to BitTorrent stardom. A hobby that turns out to be quite risky to some, I’m sure that the anti-pirates already placed their spotlights on this newcomer.

To be continued?


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