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TorrentFreak's recent articles about Media Defender have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, surely proving beyond any doubt that they must be an incredibly popular company doing great things for the BitTorrent community. In recognition of our great work, Media Defender has re-directed its domain to us, an action which has us bursting with pride.

Any of our regular readers here at TorrentFreak will appreciate the high regard in which we hold anti-piracy company Media Defender.

In the past we have delighted in the way they setup fake BitTorrent trackers and we have waxed-lyrical over their fake video download service, MiiVi. We were so disappointed when they closed it down almost immediately and were so surprised when our friends denied that they were going to do anything bad with the site.

Naturally, we were really concerned that we might have damaged the great relationship between TorrentFreak and Media Defender so we set out to try and limit the damage by publishing a puff-piece on their plans to get into the P2P business. After this, we thought we were getting back on the right track to repair our relationship, a situation close to our hearts.

After discovering that Media Defender spent thousands of dollars buying the prized domain, we forgot all about their attempts to sabotage file-sharing in the past and suddenly and inexplicably realized that they must have been a friend of P2P file-sharing all along. We are so proud to have been a part of their success.

So imagine our unbridled glee this morning when we discovered that Media Defender (in a move which surely endorses us as the internet’s premier Media Defender news and information resource) has diverted its hugely expensive domain to us, lowly TorrentFreak. Humbled doesn’t even come close. Money can’t buy this type of endorsement and to have Media Defender align itself with us in this way is simply a dream come true.

We have no idea what we did to deserve this huge honor but we hope that it somehow represents a ‘thank you’ for the great free PR we have brought the California-based company.

Even if you stop diverting to us at some point, we’d like to say “Thanks guys, we love you too” and we look forward to our invitations to your Christmas party :)



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